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EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt hits out at scam account pretending to be his assistant

Adam claimed to be unrelated to the Instagram account (Picture: BBC)

Adam Woodyatt, a star of EastEnders, recently ran into a distressing circumstance when he discovered an Instagram account posing as his assistant.

The actor, who is best known for his role as Ian Beale in the BBC One soap opera, posted a screenshot of the disputed account on his social media accounts.

Since “Cindy Jane 7” listed herself on Instagram as “Assistant to Adam Woodyatt,” it stands to reason that some users may have fell for the con.

Adam wrote: “This individual is claiming to be my assistant” in the post’s caption. NOT at all. I don’t have a helper. Please disregard any correspondence they may send regarding me.

After seeing the post, many of Adam’s supporters banded together and commented that they had reported and blocked the account in the hope that it would be taken down.

Adam made an appearance on the well-liked podcast White Wine Question Time with Kate Thornton back in June.

He discussed a wide range of subjects, but naturally, the discussion quickly drifted to his time on EastEnders.

Adam considered Ian’s past and even acknowledged that he didn’t agree with some of the decisions made for him.

If you remember back to the 1980s, he was a troubled adolescent. His parents pushed him to take up boxing because he was being tormented at school, Adam said. “The road has been very, very lengthy.”

Don’t get me wrong, though; I don’t always believe that all of the adjustments were necessary. Although these weren’t my decisions, perhaps they should have gone in different paths. They were items that the bosses selected.

Additionally, he disclosed to Kate that he has no immediate plans to reprise his role as Ian because he is currently loving life outside of the serial opera:

I’m quite content with what I’m doing, he declared. “I have no idea what’s going to happen,” you say.

Since leaving EastEnders, Adam has been on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! and most recently, he was seen manning a food stand selling Kentucky Fried Pheasant at a fair in London, evoking his alter ego’s past life as a caterer in Albert Square.


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