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EastEnders star Gurlaine Kaur Garcha expertly hits back at body shamer

When Gurlaine was on vacation in Dubai, she got the unkind mail. (Image: BBC)

Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, who portrays Ash Panesar in EastEnders, has been taking advantage of a beach vacation in Dubai. While there, she shared some images of herself having fun on the beach on Instagram. One of those images was of her with her pregnant sister, and it was captioned, “Looking forward to bringing you to the craziness bubba.” How fortunate we are. Family is everything, and life is great.

She also made light of her figure by making a joke about her pregnant sister.

Despite all the supportive remarks, the trolls quickly emerged and tried to body-shame Gurlaine by sending her a derogatory direct message for daring to proudly wear a bikini in public.

Gurlaine was not amused by this nonsense.

In her subsequent article, she addressed the troll and anyone else who might have been considering leaving a critical remark while also sharing the message she had received with the sender’s name hidden.

Fortunately, I feel comfortable in my own skin. Of course, like everyone else, I have some body-related anxieties, but nothing too severe,’ she added, adding that trolling might have much greater impacts on others.

“For other folks, it’s not quite that easy. Some people suffer greatly with confidence and body image. Each day, they struggle to feel at ease in their own skin, and tragically, the problem doesn’t end there. According to her, these struggles can result in poor diet and health, despair, self-doubt, self-harm, and mental health problems.

What if a person experiencing difficulty got a message like that? What if they weren’t able to ignore it like I did?

She informed the sender that she wouldn’t let their name out since she didn’t want to expose them to wrath from her admirers. I sincerely hope this was your last message to me and that you are able to modify your ways moving forward, she stated.

Gurlaine concluded by pleading for goodwill on social media. I know it seems cliche, but you never really know what someone else is going through. Always make the right choice. However, social media doesn’t have to be a depressing environment. Instead of tearing one other down, let’s strengthen each other.

She concluded her stirring message by using the hash tag #bekind. Which we’d supplement with #BeMoreGurlaine.


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