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EastEnders star Louisa Lytton shares details from Italian wedding

The actress married after several postponements.

After getting engaged in 2019 and having to postpone the wedding date three times owing to COVID, the EastEnders star Louisa Lytton wed other half Ben Bhanvra in June.

After tying the marriage, the Ruby Allen actress spoke with OK! from Tuscany and said: “Just a sense of relief. I thought we had at last succeeded.

“It applies to all COVID brides equally. And I believe we are simply relieved. Just laughing over how long it took to bring us here, I recall us doing it at the altar.

“Because it had cost so many people so much effort to get there, I could not stop crying. Since Friday, I had been waiting by my phone for folks to call to say they had arrived. Then they announced that they had been placed on a coach since their train had been cancelled.

“I cried a lot when I saw folks who I wasn’t sure would make it or not because we couldn’t believe how much effort people had made to come out for our special day. I obviously cried as my dad and I walked down the aisle. It was quite moving. Since he and I are both extremely sensitive individuals, we were unable to stop.

“I was quite anxious, but when I arrived and met Ben, my entire body instantly became calm. Since arriving in Italy, I have felt incredibly tense. I recall feeling at ease as soon as I arrived and saw him, thinking, “I could go to sleep right now!””

One of the visitors, Lacey Turner, had a delayed trip, but she thankfully made it. James Bye and Zaraah Abrahams were among the other EastEnders celebrities there.

The wedding took place over three days, beginning with a pizza party on Friday, followed by the ceremony on Saturday, dinner in the vineyard, and a party that lasted until two in the morning, and a pool party on Sunday.


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