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EastEnders star Roger Griffiths teases new side to Mitch Baker

You’ll notice Mitch wearing more paternal-style shoes.

Spoilers for EastEnders follow.

As Mitch Baker’s brother Avery has now unexpectedly appeared in Walford, we will definitely get to see how the connection between the separated siblings plays out. Eastenders is notorious for its dramatic splits and reunions. In addition to the unexpected reunion, Avery’s health narrative on Eastenders is already shocking viewers.

Roger Griffiths, who plays Mitch, has clarified the effects of this plot that are more advantageous to his character.

Griffiths claims that the inclusion of Mitch’s extended family, which includes his nephews, will reveal a fresh aspect of his character to viewers.

“I’m hoping that the audience will comprehend Mitch’s motivations. A cute boy is adored by everyone. I had certain pals when I was younger who always had the appropriate attire, athletic shoes, and women. I was always the person they could cry on when things didn’t go their way. Avery and Mitch are here.

“I’m hoping you’ll get to see Mitch in a more paternal role. Avery was not present, and Mitch had lost previously. Mitch has been there for his brother and has picked up a lot from Chantelle. Mitch will make an effort to meet Avery’s requirements in the way that he believes is appropriate. He struggles with how to approach him because of their shared past and the way Avery let him down. When he lost his daughter, he wasn’t there when Avery needed him the most.”

Despite the fact that Griffiths says Mitch “doesn’t hate his brother,” the two do have a “love-hate relationship.”

He simply has a different way of life than Mitch, he said. “He is really extravagant, while Mitch is very simple. I believe that Mitch’s brother is to blame for the way he is. Even if Mitch is wealthy in many other ways, his financial situation is not the issue. Mitch become what he is today. He is surrounded by affection and created by his family.

“He is content and at ease. In contrast, his brother doesn’t seem particularly happy in Mitch’s eyes. He never really feels safe because he’s not really in a safe setting and he’s always hustling.”


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