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EastEnders teases fresh hope for Kat Slater and Alfie Moon reunion

Could the ex-relationship couple’s still succeed?

Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), who returned to EastEnders with the intention of making amends with his ex-wife Kat Slater, may have reason to feel hopeful soon (Jessie Wallace).

Kat was about to leave for the church to get married to her fiancé Phil Mitchell when Alfie showed up, which was the absolute worst time possible for her (Steve McFadden). As Kat promised to deal with Alfie and meet Phil at the altar after Phil kissed her, Alfie was confused and amused.

Alfie, and occasionally us, could not comprehend why this couple was dating. Kat, however, was not willing to listen to him and walked away.

Sadly, Bert and Ernie, Kat and Alfie’s twin sons, had other plans and stowed away close to Alfie’s canal boat. As Kat attempted to convince the boys to board the boat, the engine sputtered, leaving them all stranded on the canal. Just as Alfie decided to let Kat go, Kat boarded the boat.

By the time they reached dry land, Kat and Phil had made up their minds not to proceed with the wedding ceremony just yet. Alfie is disappointed that the wedding has been postponed because his attempt to kiss her ended in a slap.

But it seems that Kat might be more pleased to see Alfie than she wants to admit as he settles back into Walford in upcoming scenes.

Alfie tries to raffle off his boat when he sets up a booth in the market. When he says that everything is part of his strategy to get her back, Kat is not impressed. Kat again declines him, but she can’t help but grin as she sees cheeky charmer Alfie back in action.

Phil is delighted when Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) tells Alfie to clean up the illegal stall. Phil and Kat, however, are displeased to see Alfie moving in as Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) extends an invitation for him to stay with her. As soon as Phil tells Kat that he overheard Alfie confessing his love for him, he starts to feel uneasy about Alfie.

How is Kat going to react? Will she acknowledge that she still has strong feelings for Alfie or will she choose to stick with Phil even though her ex is so close by?

Whatever transpires, it’s obvious that Kat and Alfie still have unfinished business after their relationship, which started 20 years ago, became one of EastEnders’ most famous love stories.


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