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EastEnders theory: Double exit as Bobby Beale and Dana leave Square and elope

Bobby Beale and Dana Monroe, two of the young EASTENDERS, have been through a lot together and, despite splitting up months ago, it’s obvious that they want to reconcile. The couple may elope and permanently part ways with Walford.

Clay Milner Russell’s character Bobby and Barbara Smith’s character Dana split up earlier this year when Bobby found it difficult to handle how dangerous his partner’s brother Aaron Monroe (Charlie Wernham) had become. Bobby had recently expressed a desire to give the relationship another shot, but in a shocking turn of events, his brother Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) had an affair with Dana, leaving him devastated.But in upcoming EastEnders scenes, the couple decides to sit down and talk. Could they decide to elope and put their past behind them?

According to official BBC soap opera spoilers, the Beale family will have to make a difficult choice.

Bobby is ultimately informed by Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) that she needs to sell Walford East.

Dana comforts Bobby in The Vic after learning that the eatery is closing, and they decide to get together the following day for a drink.

Later, he tells Tom “Rocky” Cotton (Brian Conley) about his intention to have drinks with Dana.

Rocky makes the decision to tell Dana and Bobby that they both want to be back together.

Bobby and Dana have their drink while feeling anxious.

Will the two eventually reconcile?

It’s possible that following their heartbreak, they decide to give things another shot and finally make things official.

The two will also lose their employment when the eatery closes.

The young couple might decide to elope and begin a new life outside of the Square because they have nothing keeping them in Walford with unpleasant memories all around them.

Up until Bubby started to think Dana’s brother was associated with a far-right gang, the two were going strong.

Bobby tried to warn his fiancée that he thought Aaron was associated with a sketchy crowd.

In January, he confided his worries to Dana, who was enraged and dumped him.

She wanted to give their relationship another shot after it became clear that he was correct.

She said to the teen, “You were right.

I apologize for not believing you, she continued. more so since I care about you and I’ve messed everything up.

“Now that this is behind us, we can concentrate on our futures,” Bobby retorted.

“When you returned the headscarf to me, it simply made me realize that this whole situation is kind of conditional for you,” he continued.

“You only visit the mosque because it makes me happy, and you only claim to be considering conversion out of desire to be with me.

The only threat you could consider at that point, when something dreadful almost happened to your neighborhood or your friends, was the harm to yourself.

As much as I love you, which I do, everything that has transpired recently has just served to highlight how fundamentally important my faith is to who I am.

Dana was devastated, and for the majority of the year, the two had avoided each other.

But a few weeks ago, when Dana reclaimed her employment, Bobby made the decision that he wanted to rekindle his romance with her.

Up until Peter started having affairs with Dana, he was confident they could try again.

Bobby was upset and hasn’t spoken to Dana much since.

However, now that they appear to be on speaking terms once more and anxious to get together once more, they might be prepared to resolve their differences.

Rocky is secretly planning for the couple to reconcile, but it’s possible that this is for the best.

They both find the notion appealing and are eager for their date.

Will the young couple join a double exodus as they flee Walford in search of their happily ever after?


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