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Fans of Emmerdale question the “plot hole” in the David Metcalfe departure plotline.

When he announced he would be leaving the village for a short while earlier this week, EMMERDALE star David Metcalfe had fans of the ITV soap scratching their heads.

In Tuesday’s Emmerdale episode, David (played by Matthew Wolfenden) revealed to Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) that Alicia Gallagher (Natalie Anderson), her sister, had been injured in a collision. The businesswoman, who was struggling with a drug addiction, didn’t really care what had happened and continued to the village to continue obtaining cocaine. As a result, the ITV soap’s leading man had to travel to Portugal to take care of his ex-girlfriend because she was living alone, but viewers were extremely perplexed.

David has been the focus of a plot for weeks surrounding his finances—or lack thereof—as a result of the shop’s financial failure.

The hottie explained that the pandemic was to blame to his father Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) and girlfriend Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins).

He tried to fabricate an injury after Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) crashed into his van in an effort to raise the money he needed.

She ended up selling the portion of Barton’s Farm her grandmother had left her in her will after finally telling Victoria how dire the situation was.

Fans were perplexed as to how David was able to purchase last-minute tickets to Portugal this week after giving the majority of the money to him to pay off all of his bills.

Since he would have had to make the reservations on the day of his departure, they would not have been inexpensive; David almost certainly would have had to pay several hundred pounds.

Even though he would have some cash on hand now that the shop was operating normally, it might not have been enough to cover his airfare.

After finding the narrative hole, viewers immediately rushed to Twitter to ask how precisely the heartthrob was being paid to go.

David was in need a week ago, but now, Sally commented, “David is arranging tickets laugh out loud #emmerdale.”

Ryan published the following on social media: “How did David manage to travel when he should be on a tight budget? There is poor writing in #Emmerdale.”

David is traveling to Portugal to see his ex, said Owen. Although it’s #Emmerdale, it’s scarcely unexpected that it makes no sense, he was in need the other week.

Couldn’t the writers come up with something at least a tiny bit credible for David’s disappearance, Mags asked?

He can go to Portugal at a moment’s notice, ostensibly to take care of an ex, despite being up to his eyes in debt.

Shared by Foxy Lady: “#emmerdale David couldn’t have had too many financial problems if he could have afforded to travel to Portugal.

Once David returns to the town, it’s possible that this plot hole will be filled in later episodes.

He may have accrued additional debt, but he believes that everything will be resolved because Victoria will once more step in to save the day.

Victoria may have a very different perspective since she may be upset that her partner spent so much money to visit his ex-girlfriend.

She believed Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) might have left but was instead compelled to inform Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) of his wife’s drug addiction.

David’s lack of consideration allowed Victoria to defer helping him with his financial issues again again.

Will David change for the better, or might this spell the end for the cherished couple?

When Victoria and Jacob earlier revealed David’s insurance swindle, he was in trouble and had no idea how to get out.

“If you simply paused for a minute, you would realize I care and want to help,” Victoria had said to him at the moment.

David responded to his partner, insisting that this was the only way to acquire money: “You can’t just wave a magic wand and make all this right.”

You don’t look like a man with whiplash to me, and your debts aren’t her fault, the mother of one told her other half.

Jacob reprimanded him, saying, “After all the times you admonished me for how I acted, I can’t believe you’re pulling a cheap stunt like that.”

Ultimately, Victoria stepped in, but if she quits assisting him with his finances, he might have to perpetrate another hoax.

In the absence of any assistance, he could endanger his life in order to obtain money to pay off his accumulating obligations.

After nearly 16 years on the program, he might be leaving on a more permanent basis if he pushes things too far.

Could David’s life be coming to an end now?


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