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EastEnders theory: Freddie Slater attacks Phil Mitchell as family secret exposed

The Mitchells, who are considered to be the most notorious family in EastEnders, are still dealing with the consequences of their past deeds, according to a new theory.

Bobby Brazier’s character on EastEnders, Freddie Slater, is in shock after seeing Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), the man he thinks is his father, get arrested at the Queen Vic. The newcomer to Albert Square tries to make up for Billy’s wrongs while still being in the dark about his family’s history. Will the teen, however, get into trouble with Mitchell’s boss?

official spoilers for EastEnders reveal Following Billy’s 1979 arrest for the murder of DCI Keeble (Alison Newmanfather, )’s Malcom Keeble, Freddie sets out to assist Billy with his legal expenses.

Fans of the BBC soap opera will, however, be aware that a flashback episode revealed that the man who shot the security guard during a staged robbery that went horribly wrong was Eric Mitchell (George Russo), the father of Phil (Steve McFadden).

Billy is initially disappointed when Phil says he can’t help Billy find a lawyer who will be able to get him out of trouble.

In an effort to assist, Freddie seeks employment and is given a job at the chippy by Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell).

To the delight of Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) and Billy, Bobby offers Freddie the job permanently after a promising start.

However, Honey insists Billy tells Freddie the truth because Freddie is unaware of so much about Billy’s life, including his own.

Fredie, who is on a mission, overhears a conversation between Billy’s attorney and learns that a lengthy prison sentence may be forthcoming.

This motivates Freddie, who then turns to other members of his purported family for assistance in his search.

When Phil is asked to help his cousin with legal matters by Freddie, the businessman declines and says the cousin must give up his search.

According to an Express theory, Freddie is moving above his station, so the two are likely to clash as Phil tries to stifle his determined efforts.

Without any other Mitchells to turn to, Freddie asks Ben (Max Bowden) for recommendations on a lawyer for the unfortunate Billy.

Ben agrees to look into his relative’s legal options and is only too happy to help.

The former owner of the Arches jumps through the roof when a happy Freddie tells Phil how Ben has aided him in his search for a reliable attorney.

When Phil discovers the attorney is a member of his own legal team, Ritchie Scott, his rage flares up (Sian Webber).

Billy might be able to avoid jail time with a strong legal argument, which would put Phil in trouble given DCI Keeble’s arrangement with him.

Phil considers the possibility that Billy might escape punishment for the murder of DCI Keeble’s father and end up back in jail or at the detective’s mercy.

A theory proposes that Phil will reveal the truth about his birth to Freddie Slater in order to dissuade him from aiding Billy because his future is in jeopardy and his last chance of avoiding prison is dwindling thanks to his involvement with Billy.

Could Freddie lose his temper and attack the Mitchell boss after learning that Billy is not his father and that he was born as a result of his mother Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth) being sexually assaulted?

In a heated argument at the Arches, Freddie might attack Phil and put himself in even more trouble with his family and the police.

What impact will Phil’s bombshell have on Walford, the other Mitchell family members, and, more crucially for him, DCI Keeble?


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