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EastEnders theory: Kim Fox heartbroken as dark secret exposed by Howie Danes

The BBC serial opera EASTENDERS star Kim Fox is expected to get closer to Howie Danes, but a fresh speculation from Express.co.uk claims she might soon experience heartbreak.

After realising that Howie Danes (Delroy Atkinson), who was playing Kim Fox, had affections for her, Tameka Empson’s character, was having emotional difficulties. But after kissing him, the EastEnders character recently made the decision to try romance. Kim initially desired to move slowly, but if Howie learns the truth regarding a traumatic injury, she might experience heartbreak in upcoming scenes.

Kim just leaned in and kissed Howie, vowing to move on with her life.

Even though it seemed like the mother of two could finally have a chance at romance, Kim began to worry.

After Vincent Hubbard, she confided in Denise Fox (Diane Parish) that she wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to love again (Richard Blackwood).

The worried sister gave Kim some wise counsel when she was unsure of what to do.

The Kimfluencer made the decision to give Howie another chance, and according to BBC soap opera spoilers, she begs him to return to his home since she doesn’t want to jump into anything too serious.

Fans of EastEnders will recall that he moved in with Kim after she broke his foot.

Kim is about to alter her mind, though, and instead of telling Howie she wants him to stay, she purposefully injures him again so he can’t go.

Later, Kim begins to feel bad for intentionally hurting Howie because she understands it was a vengeful act.

She then prepares a delectable lunch for him in an effort to make amends for hurting his toe.

Will they regain their footing or will Kim cry the whole time?

How would Howie react if he learned that Kim intentionally damaged his toe?

After seeing she is capable of physically injuring him and lying about it, he would probably break up with her.

If Howie breaks things off with her just as Kim’s feelings for him begin to deepen, she will undoubtedly experience heartbreak.

Will she simply keep quiet and pray that he never learns the truth?

Howie’s manager, Kim, just took over and has been working to get him gigs by forcing him to perform as a grime artist.

Howie was persuaded to play at Lily Slater’s (Lillia Turner) birthday celebration by her encouragement.

Thus, if her dark secret is revealed, Kim would lose Howie as both a client and a lover.

Kim might take a while to recover from losing Howie since it might lead her on a downward spiral.

Once Howie has recovered and tries to leave her house once more, will she own her errors?


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