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Ellie Leach, a cast member of Coronation Street, discusses the difficulties of Faye’s new plot.

Ellie Leach, who plays Faye on Coronation Street, discusses the difficulties of the new plot line.

Faye Windass of Coronation Street is currently experiencing early menopause, which is straining her relationship with lover Craig Tinker and bringing the devastating news that she won’t be able to conceive again.

Ellie Leach, who plays Faye, has discussed the aspect of the plot that she finds the most difficult to watch. It is also a sensitive plotline with many tragic scenes.

She remarked, “I believe it’s simply doing all the research and making sure I’m doing it right,” in an interview with Inside Soap. The mood changes, though, are undoubtedly being filmed.

“Because you can be so sweet one minute and then act so awful the next, it may be extremely difficult. Even though it’s obviously not true, I try to avoid saying hurtful things to Colson Smith (the actor who portrays Craig).”

She gushed about Smith and said the following about her on-screen partner: “Our relationship is great. Since we’ve been friends for ten years, we simply comprehend one another; we’re like family. He’s basically my best friend. Additionally, working constantly alongside your best friend is wonderful.”

Leach also discussed the replacement for Emma, played by Alexandra Martell, who she would want to see as Faye’s best friend.

The actress said, “She and Michael [Bailey] could be really close friends. “They collaborate, and Ryan [Russell, who plays him] and I just adore working together. And Faye enjoys seeing children!”

Craig is genuinely worried for his partner, but he will cross a limit in upcoming scenes. Will this cause the young couple to become estranged?


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