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Emmerdale 50th anniversary: Soap boss teases ‘explosive consequences’ as Harriet goes after Kim’s man

The bosses of Emmerdale have teased ‘explosive consequences’ as Harriet makes a move for Kim’s fiancé Will Taylor in the soap’s anniversary episode.

Kim and Will have been working on their wedding plans. However, it appears that viewers will see a darker side to Kim as Harriet attempts to reclaim Will.

Kim goes after Harriet for Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary?
Will has a long history with his ex-girlfriend Harriet Finch, as Emmerdale fans are aware.

They ended their relationship after he discovered she had been cheating on him with dodgy DI Mark Malone, who had been tormenting Will.

Dawn assassinated Malone. But Harriet and Will worked hard to cover it up and hide the body.

Will started dating Kim, and while their relationship hasn’t always been easy, they are planning their wedding.

However, it appears that Harriet will try to win Will back, which will irritate Kim.

Emmerdale boss Kate Brooks told Metro.co.uk: “I think it’s completely safe to say Kim’s dark side is never far away.”

“Kim is such an iconic character, and she is capable of many heinous deeds, so when she discovers Harriet has been making a play for her man, there will be repercussions.”

“How Kim handles things remains to be seen, but it’s going to be a really complicated love triangle with explosive consequences.”

What is Kim going to do? Is Harriet in jeopardy?

What else do we know about the occasion?
The 50th anniversary of Emmerdale will take place in October, and it’s going to be a big week as a massive storm rips through the village.

The storm will rip through the village, wreaking havoc and causing chaos, with bosses promising that nothing will be the same afterward.

There will also be three significant returns, as Aaron Dingle, Tracy Metcalfe, and Diane Sugden return to the village.


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