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Emmerdale exit confirmed as villager locked away for the rest of their life

In the upcoming weeks, EMMERDALE might have to bid a fond farewell to a beloved villager who will spend the rest of their days imprisoned.

Producer Jane Hudson suggested that one unfortunate villager would find as spending their entire lives in prison as the 50th anniversary celebrations for Emmerdale near their conclusion. The unhappy character’s identity is unknown, but there are several potential candidates.

Since DI Mark Malone’s body is still buried on Kim Tate’s (Claire King) property, Harriet Finch (played by Katherine Dow Blyton) has yet to come to terms with her involvement in the murder of Mark Malone (Mark Womack).

Harriet and Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromely), in a harrowing confrontation with the copper, shot Malone as he attempted to coerce the young mother into taking drugs.

The two had only told Will Taylor, Dawn’s father, and themselves of Malone’s passing (Dean Andrews).

Nothing in soap opera land stays a secret for ever, so Malone’s body might be discovered at any moment.

Could Will or Harriet make the accusation that they killed Malone and bear the blame now that Dawn is caring for her friend’s daughter Clemmie and her son Lucas?

Since Will admitted to burying Malone at Home Farm, Kim is also aware that his body was hidden there.

It’s possible that the entrepreneur asks Harriet to accept the blame because she and Will are expected to wed later this year.

However, Harriet, Dawn, and Will are not the only people who might spend time in jail.

When Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) hears that Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) has resumed her romance with his adversary Al Chapman, he will be incensed (Michael Wildman).

Will Cain snap under the pressure of his mother Faith’s (Sally Dexter) terminal prognosis and do something he later regrets?

Al could be killed by Cain in a fit of wrath, leading to his imprisonment for murder.

Producer Jane alluded to the foreboding fate of one of the villagers, saying: “When we get to the end of October, it might be the end of our celebrations, but we will be ending that month with a storyline which kicks off another big story, which potentially sees one of our characters spending the rest of their life in jail.

“I won’t say anything else to you. We are taking steps to ensure that, for one of our families in particular, when our celebration month comes to a close, it truly marks the start of a brand-new chapter.”

When a fierce storm sweeps through the community and threatens many lives, tensions will undoubtedly be at an all-time high.

Added by Jane to Express.co.uk “It’s all during the day and primarily a wind storm rather than a rain storm.

“We have some incredible wind machines that are currently being tested and they are great. Working with them will be a nightmare for the sound staff!

“I believe that all of the tales being told this month are ones that we have been developing all year.

“Nothing has been merely forced in. Characters play a major role in all of the stories and have an effect.

“So many of our family are involved. The entire hamlet is affected by the storm, not just a small portion of it. Therefore, I believe it will feel different, and one particular aspect will seem drastically different.”


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