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Emmerdale fans divided as Chas says she’ll ‘never forgive herself’ over Faith’s death

Despite being an unpopular character, Chas’s interaction with Faith this evening touched fans.

After a heartwarming scene that “broke” some viewers, one of Emmerdale’s most despised characters has left fans feeling rather emotional tonight. Despite being one of the less well-liked characters lately, Chas Dingle moved many viewers to tears on Friday night.

After Faith’s tragic passing, Chas used her last chance to see her mother by paying the late matriarch a visit as her body lay in bed. Chas had previously stated to Aaron in the episode that she would “never forgive” herself for spending Faith’s final day with Al.

Chas made an effort to make amends tonight by spending one final minute with her mother. She turned to face her mother as she opened the door to Faith’s room and asked her, speaking to her as if she were still alive, “What do you think you’re playing at, eh? leaving covertly while I’m not looking.

How on earth is that just? There is still a lot to discuss and debate. After that, Chas gave Faith’s body some spa products with the inscription, “I got you these, lavender, your favorite.”

Fans of Emmerdale were devastated when Chas climbed into Faith’s bed and begged her to come back to life. Just talk to me, Mum, just talk to me, she cried. Please, just once more? Please, kindly, kindly.

“Oh mum I am here; I am here; I am here; I have you, mother; I have you. My mother always says, “You’re never too old for a hug.” I cherish you.

And the moving scene left viewers in tears, with many praising Lucy Pargeter’s outstanding acting in the movie Chas. “That faith and Chas scene just broke me,” said @crazycatgay02. “Heartbreaking scene from Chas,” tweeted @TraylorHolmes. Excellent work, Lucy. No chas is breaking me right now, according to @Chloeeei38.

I don’t like Chas, but her final scene with Faith was heartbreaking, according to @ballumshouse. Also from @BlondeMzungu: “After a few drinks, I just watched Chas attempt to revive her deceased mother. I’m a total mess!”

Chas did not win over all of the viewers, but it would not be an Emmerdale episode without some animosity toward him. Some believed that Chas’ attempt to mend fences with her mother after her mother spent many of her final days having an affair with Al was “too little, too late.”

Chas, too little, too late, tweeted @Yamusenghore. “Too late to start caring now chas you selfish selfish woman,” wrote @gemmaedwards91. “I don’t have one bit of sadness or sympathy towards Cha as she’s been leaving faith nearly every day to go and cheat on her husband and now she wants to cry in her arms little too late,” @fluffyhairben added.

said @lincsbirder2019: “Chas, it’s not just about you. I hope you are extremely proud of yourself for only thinking about getting away with that sleaze ball while your mother was dying.” And @LeedsSTUnited said: “A bit too late to start caring Chas. Your chance has passed “.


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