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Emmerdale spoilers: Faith heartbroken by latest trauma as cancer takes hold

Following her cancer diagnosis in Emmerdale, Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) was determined to live life to the fullest, but tonight she was forced to confront the heartbreaking truth of her circumstance.

Kyle (Huey Quinn), who was entering the café before school, was intrigued when he overheard Paddy (Dominic Brunt) and Faith discussing a chameleon in the veterinarian’s office.

Faith had an idea when Paddy reminded Kyle and Sarah (Katie Hill) that they weren’t actually permitted to see animals in the practice.

Faith took Kyle and Sarah out of school and led them into the pub’s back room where she revealed her surprise: the chameleon!

As soon as Faith, Kyle, and Sarah realized the reptile had escaped from the cage, chaos quickly erupted.

Al (Michael Wildman) saw the chameleon in the pub displaying a lot of interest in his lunch.

Faith sat down with Chas and Cain (Jeff Hordley), who informed her that she was taking many chances in her attempt to impress Sarah and Kyle, while Paddy took the lizard back to the veterinarians.

While Sarah and Kyle were spending time with their grandmother, Chas and Cain informed their mother that Kyle shouldn’t have been pulled out of school, that Sarah could have had a seizure, and that one of the kids could have been in danger.

The children are obviously visible to their mother, the siblings gently reminded her. However, she is no longer healthy enough to care for them alone.

Faith accepted the choice, but it only served to serve as a reminder to her that everything she has will eventually escape her control.


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