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Emmerdale spoilers: Faith hospital emergency, Chas and Al caught, Amelia pregnancy exposed

Faith’s (Sally Dexter) mortality is brought home to the Dingle family in upsetting Emmerdale scenes next week, when she collapses at what is dubbed her “last party.”

Her ailing condition causes her loved ones to panic, and the news is concerning.

Chas (Lucy Pargeter) is distracting herself in a destructive way by continuing to sleep with Al Chaman (Michael Wildman).

Chas is shocked to discover Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) has caught them as they begin to develop deeper feelings.

Monday August 22

Chas and Al share a tender moment in a hotel as their feelings deepen. Belle is stunned to see Al and Chas kiss passionately after they leave.

Faith is left thinking after her palliative care nurse tells her that the most important thing to focus on is dying with no regrets.

Pollard reassures Faith that her to-do list is a good idea, and both of them are emotional about what is to come for her.

Mack and Charity share a reflective moment.

Tuesday 23rd August

When Belle reveals that she saw Chas and Al at the hotel and knows about their affair, Chas and Al are mortified. Chas is shocked. Will she be able to persuade Belle not to tell Paddy?

Sandra’s mind races as she observes Vinny and Gabby interacting amicably. Later that day, Sandra sows doubt in Liv’s mind by questioning her asexuality and the problems it may cause in her marriage.

Sandra questions Gabby and Vinny’s relationship. With Sandra in her head, Liv watches Vinny and Gabby as they converse. Sandra is pleased when the interaction appears to confirm Liv’s concerns.

Naomi has devised a strategy to reunite Marcus and Ethan.

Wednesday 24th August

Amelia is encouraged when Noah asks if he can accompany her to her scan. Amelia stares in awe and relief later at the hospital as the sonographer shows her the scan of her baby.

They are the epitome of a happy couple. Noah and Amelia’s relationship blossoms following the scan, but Harriet is taken aback when she sees them kiss.

Gabby is taken aback when Sandra mentions Liv and Vinny’s problems. Sandra is overjoyed that her plan is working when Gabby offers to speak with Vinny. Back at Mill Cottage, Liv is taken aback when Gabby approaches Vinny.

Sandra takes advantage of the situation by dripping poison and questioning Gabby’s true intentions with Vinny. When she notices Liv’s unease, she is pleased.

Chas is saddened to see another painful reminder of her mother’s deteriorating health when Faith struggles on a country walk with him. Faith gets excited when she notices a farmer nearby and flags him down to help them.

Chas is surprised when Faith requests a party before it’s too late. When Faith begs Chas not to make the same mistakes she has in her own life, both are left to ponder.

Dan is devastated when he asks Harriet out for drinks, but she is unaware of his true feelings.

Thursday 25th August

Cain is hesitant to attend Faith’s last party for fear of being upset, so when Moira confirms that he will be there, he is left awkward about how to behave and guilty about his selfishness.

Faith begins her speech to people arriving at the Woolpack with a slight awkwardness, but everyone soon relaxes as Faith begins to belt out her karaoke tune. The party is in full swing when Faith collapses at the bar, causing everyone to panic.

Later, Chas and Paddy are at the hospital, waiting for word on Faith. Chas is upset and takes her rage out on Paddy, leaving him befuddled.

When a nurse arrives to take them to see a confused Faith, they are concerned. They are concerned to see Faith in such a state, especially since she claims she can’t see properly.

Dan and Harriet overcompensate after Amelia’s exam results are disappointing. Harriet tells Dan the truth about Noah and Amelia alone. Dan is completely taken aback.

Lydia stands respectfully by as Sam places flowers on Alice’s grave. They’re both intrigued by the sounds of shouting in the distance.

As tensions rise and more people arrive, everyone is taken aback to learn of Amelia’s pregnancy. Dan must be physically restrained from attacking Noah by Bob.

Friday 26th August

Dan and Kerry deal with Amelia’s pregnancy, while tensions over Noah remain high.

Faith’s family is reeling from what has happened, more aware than ever of her mortality.


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