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Emmerdale spoilers: Jai and Laurel to reunite – after Jai punches slimy Kit over his vile sexual behaviour

After yesterday night’s events in Emmerdale, Kit (Thoren Ferguson) is no longer a part of Laurel Thomas’ (Charlotte Bellamy) life.

While both Laurel and Gabby (Rosie Bentham) were ignorant that their new companions were actually the same man, Chris/Kit spent the week seeing both of them.

In last night’s show, when Laurel entered Home Farm and broke up Kit and Gabby’s kiss, his heinous deeds were made clear.

Whoever believed that being a serial killer was worse than two-timing was appalled by Laurel and Gabby and told Kit to leave.

Tonight, Gabby and Laurel put the past in the past and resolve to meet the ideal man (or men, as the case may be) one day.

Laurel was displeased to see Kit at the chapel where Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Rhona (Zoe Henry) were getting married.

After the ceremony, Laurel lost control of her rage and informed everyone in the pub about Kit’s actions.

Jai (Chris Bisson) was listening in (it was hard not to), and once he realized how horribly Laurel and Gabby had been treated, he took great joy in hitting Kit in the face.

Laurel and Jai shared a tender moment in the bar yard.

She took hold of Jai’s painful hand after taking a look at it.


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