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Emmerdale spoilers: Kim finds out that Jamie’s alive, Mack wants to confess to Charity

Next week on Emmerdale, Kim Tate discovers a long-kept secret: Jamie isn’t actually dead after all. Additionally, Mack’s plan to confess is derailed.

Here is a summary of all the major Emmerdale spoilers for September 12–16, 2022.

Kim discovers the truth about Jamie

When Kim finds out that Hazel has been in an accident and goes to the hospital, she is shocked to discover that Jamie, who had pushed Hazel down the stairs, is to blame for her injuries.

Naturally, Kim had believed that her son had passed away, so she demands that Hazel explain everything to her. And as soon as Kim has all the information, she calls the police and reports Jamie for attempted murder.
A furious Kim takes a scared and bewildered Millie back to Home Farm because she is determined to keep her safe. But when Kim is by herself, her feelings of betrayal bubble to the surface, and she destroys her living room.

For Kim Tate, Jamie’s years of hurt and betrayal are finally coming to a head.
Kim is given official confirmation from the police the next day that Jamie is still alive. She has, however, little time to consider this development given Millie’s disappearance after running away.

Mack’s guilt is mounting

a sense of guilt Mackenzie makes the decision to tell Charity the truth after continuing to berate himself for his recent one-night stand. But when flirtatious Charity suggests that he follow her upstairs, Mack quickly abandons his original course of action.

Later, Mack gives Charity a surprise trip to Ibiza, leaving her giddy with excitement. However, an agitated Mackenzie answers a call and requests that the caller leave him alone as she begins to get ready for their trip away.

Tensions rise between Liam and Leyla

Priya worries that Liam is hiding the truth about Leyla’s situation, so she asks Jai for assistance in handling the local doctor’s expectations for his wife’s recovery.

Liam will then be confronted with the harsh reality of how to deal with having an addict in his life after some patient coaching from Jai. The next day, Liam and Leyla have couples therapy, and after they both open up, he especially feels exhausted.

And it is obvious that there are still issues between the two of them once Liam returns home with his wife.

Rishi disappoints Bernice

After striking up a conversation with an equally lonesome Bernice, a lonely Rishi is acting in a way that is far from gallant. They decide to have lunch together, but Rishi unforgivably cancels on the plan because he thinks Bernice is too intense!

When she learns what he did, he is mortified. But when Bernice confronts Mr. Sharma about being dumped, expect him to look even more embarrassed.

Is Naomi headed to jail?

Naomi, who is now on her way to the police station to share what she knows about the recent assault on Nicola, is the first newcomer to become a pariah to do so so quickly.

In the upcoming drama, Naomi will return to the village from the police station, but she is worried that because of what she revealed, she will now have to serve time in jail.


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