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Emmerdale spoilers: Return from dead, murder attempt, missing child

Emmerdale’s Home Farm is in disarray as Kim Tate (Claire King) is shocked to learn that Jamie is still alive.

After being pushed down the stairs by Jamie, Hazel drops the bombshell that she had been carrying.

Kim reports Jamie to the police, but it quickly becomes apparent how distraught and broken she is.

In another scene, Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) is overcome with remorse because he worries Charity (Emma Atkins) will find out about his treachery.

Monday September 12

Kim is shocked to learn that Hazel has been involved in a car accident after becoming impatient with Hazel and Mille for not showing up. Kim is shocked when Hazel tells her she was pushed down the stairs by Jamie, whom she had thought was dead, and Hazel is terrified when Kim demands she explain what Jamie has been up to.

Kim receives a detailed account of Hazel’s time with Jamie from Hazel. When Millie sees Kim, she is terrified and perplexed as she quickly calls the police to report him for attempted murder. Kim is hard-faced.

Kim is enraged by what has happened and vows to protect her going forward. Later, when she and Kim arrive at Home Farm, Millie is reserved. You, Will

and Gabby find it difficult to comprehend the news that Jamie is still alive.

As a crying Kim wrecks the Home Farm living room, the years of hurt and betrayal from Jamie come to a head now that they are all alone.

Naomi is concerned she will go to jail after leaving the police station.

When Laurel asks Jai to move back in, he is overjoyed. Archie, however, is unimpressed.

Tuesday September 13

Kim is given concrete evidence by the police that Jamie is still alive. Later, Millie reacts poorly after hearing Kim mention her father and becoming confused and upset. When Kim discovers Millie has fled, she is terrified.

After beating himself up for having an affair, guilty Mack decides to tell Charity the truth, but he quickly changes his mind after following a suggestive Charity upstairs.

Wednesday September 14

When Harriet tells Kim they haven’t found Millie, Kim becomes concerned.

When Mack gives Charity a surprise trip to Ibiza, she is overjoyed.

Priya worries that Liam is denying the reality of the situation and asks Jai for assistance in controlling Liam’s hopes for Leyla’s recovery.

Later, Liam is confronted with the reality of dealing with an addict as Jai counsels him on how to approach Leyla’s rehabilitation.

Thursday September 15

While stealthy Mack answers a call and begs the caller to leave him alone, excited Charity gets ready for her trip away.

The following day, Liam and Leyla have couple’s therapy, and after they both open up, Liam is left feeling exhausted.

Rishi and Bernice decide to go out to lunch together because they are both feeling a little lonely. Later, Rishi cancels their lunch date because he thinks Bernice is too intense; she is mortified to learn this.

Friday September 16

Leyla and Liam are tense with one another when they return home.

Noah accepts an apprenticeship position with Marcus, and Bernice confronts Rishi about leaving her at lunch.


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