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Home & Away Tex’s real identity ‘exposed’ – killer, Paratas link and Rose betrayal

Although some viewers believe Tex is concealing something and have been wondering what it might be, Tex has been charming Summer Bay with his nice guy persona.
Tex Wheeler, a newcomer to Home And Away, has already established a following.
When he responded to a job posting at the Diner earlier this year, the character—played by Lucas Linehan—arrived in Summer Bay.

Fans of the Channel 5 soap opera think Tex’s charm may be an act and that he is hiding something. Tex has been quite charming.

And it looks like the plot will get more complicated in upcoming episodes.

In one episode of Down Under, Tex is spotted at the gym and peeks into the office to have a sneaky look around.

He appears to focus his attention on a picture of Ari Parata (Rob Kipa Williams), who has been killed off, and Mia (Anna May Samson), for some reason.

In another scene, Tex arrives at a warehouse full of bikers wearing leather; one of them addresses him as the “sergeant in arms.”
Uncertain of what will happen next, viewers are concerned for the safety of Summer Bay residents.

Some suspect Tex’s interest in Rose isn’t what it seems

Tex has been getting close to Rose (Kirsty Marillier), and their relationship appears to be flourishing.

Due to the fact that Rose is a policewoman, some supporters are wary.

A tweet stated: “Is he merely a supporter of the attire? Or does he have a different agenda?”

A different supporter wrote on Twitter that “getting cozy with the neighborhood cop is his way of making sure he is well-connected and informed before things turn nasty.”

Everyone is certain that Tex is a member of the gang.

Additionally, it appears that the bikers are searching for cash related to a robbery that Ari may have committed.

I think I know who this awful Tex guy is, and I’m almost positive he’s connected to something the Paratas, Mia, or Chloe have done, a fan tweeted.

Even Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) upcoming exit storyline may be connected to Tex’s role, according to speculation.

Worries for Rose

Tex made reference to Rose when he told the gang that he had the neighborhood cop on his side.

People worry that she might get into trouble as a result.

Rose is playing with fire, a Facebook user warned.

“He’s going to keep that a secret from her then he will lose her because he’s going to help them get their money back,” they continued, “Xavier is trying to warn her – he’s right, Rose barely knows him; he’s going to help them to get their money back.”

Some fear Tex could even be a killer

Some fear Tex could even be a killer

Tex “has trouble written all over him,” according to a tweet.

“Anyone who is that evasive about his past and what he does is a criminal,” they further stated.

“Tex is a criminal or a serial killer, isn’t he?” Another worried onlooker inquired and added, “I didn’t like the way he looked at Tane.”

One more said, “Tex looks like a bad’un.”


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