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Emmerdale spoilers: secret lover, heartbreaking tragedy and attacker revealed

Emmerdale will see Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) in despair after learning that Naomi (Karene Peter) was a member of the group that attacked her. Naomi refuses to acknowledge her involvement, and it appears that justice will take as long as it always has.

Meanwhile, Liv (Isobel Steele) appears to have caught on to Sandra (Joanne Mitchellcunning )’s plan to make Gabby (Bradley Johnson) envious of Vinny in order to drive a wedge between them (Rosie Bentham). Sandra makes the decision to use an additional, even more bizarre strategy to destroy her daughter’s life.

Due to guilt, Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) confesses to having an extramarital affair behind Charity’s (Emma Atkins) back. And it’s a local person.

And the Dingles experience more heartache as Sally Dexter’s (Faith) symptoms worsen.

Monday September 5

Liv is shocked to see Gabby and Vinny acting strangely together, but she recognizes Sandra as the culprit and confronts her for trying to manipulate the situation. Sandra decides to change up her strategy against Liv by reintroducing alcohol to her daughter, who is in recovery from alcoholism.

Despite Nicola being convinced that Naomi was one of the girls in the gang that attacked her, she breaks down in tears as Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) informs her that the police won’t be able to charge Naomi with anything.

It appears that the police are powerless because Naomi won’t confess.

Mack admits to Nate (Jurell Carter) that he had an affair with a local woman while cheating on Charity, but he won’t say who she was.

Tuesday September 6

No new episode of Emmerdale.

Wednesday September 7

Nicola confronts Charles (Kevin Mathurin), confronting him angrily about siding with his daughter against her, out of fear that Naomi might get away with the attack on her.

Liv is mortified that just a tiny taste of alcohol might be enough to trigger her alcoholism once more after Sandra switches her drink for an alcoholic one. She tries to convince Vinny that she didn’t consume any of the beverage, but he discovers her deception. When she storms out, he is shocked.

When Faith steals a chameleon from the veterinarian to surprise her grandchildren, Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) are not pleased. Faith implores them not to stop her from producing more while she still has the chance, making memories with the grandchildren, and their hearts ache for her.

Thursday September 8

Nate confronts Naomi in the weekly Thursday double episode, accusing her of lying about not taking part in the assault on Nicola. Nate refuses to accept Naomi’s lies and tells her that their relationship is over, which upsets Naomi. She begs him to see Naomi for who she really is.

Sandra continues to feed Liv’s insecurities and make her feel bad about herself as she struggles after she had a taste of alcohol after switching her drink. Sandra suggests taking Liv on a vacation together abroad so that Liv will be completely under her control while she pretends to be a loving and caring mother.

When Cain and Faith get together to discuss Faith’s final wishes, they encounter a devastatingly upsetting situation. the suffering of Faith is led to believe that Cain is actually Shadrach by the circumstances. Cain is shocked when she charges him with a frying pan while yelling for him to flee as her mind replays her fear of Shadrach.

Friday September 9

In the second half of this week’s double episode, Naomi tells Ethan (Emile John) the truth about what took place the night Nicola was attacked. He tries to persuade her to go the right route and confess to the authorities.
The relationship between Al (Michael Wildman) and Chas continues, but during a private moment, Al confesses his feelings for her. Chas quickly withdraws because he can’t handle the L word.

Since Thomas’s christening, Kim (Claire King) hasn’t seen her granddaughter Millie (Willow Bell) so she’s eager to see her.

Clemmie (Mabel Addison), a newcomer to Home Farm, is uneasy and concerned about what Millie’s appearance might imply for her.


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