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Emmerdale star Daisy Campbell “really excited” for Amelia birth scenes

Daisy Campbell, star of Emmerdale, has spoken out about her character’s upcoming birth scenes.

The actress portrays Amelia Spencer, whose unplanned pregnancy was revealed in a July episode. The news surprised both viewers and Campbell.

“I was completely taken aback,” she admitted.

“But I’m overjoyed because this is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’d always wanted this storyline for Amelia, so I was overjoyed.”

Campbell has been filming Amelia’s labor, which will air later this year.

“I’m really excited. When I said I’d always wanted to do this storyline, that’s what you build up to and what you strive for “She stated.

“I’m a little nervous, but I’m really excited because I’ve done my preparation and know where I’m going with it.”

The actress revealed that she has been preparing by watching reality TV show One Born Every Minute, which focuses on teen pregnancies like Amelia’s.

“I hope she finds some happiness,” she said of her character’s arc.

“This will bring her happiness, but also happiness in herself. I want her to find happiness, but also some drama, because we all enjoy a little drama.”

There has been no official confirmation as to whether Amelia’s baby will be born during Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary celebrations in the autumn… yet.

“You have your dates correct. Amelia will be here soon. I’m not going to tell you whether she has the baby during the 50th anniversary month “Jane Hudson, executive producer, stated earlier this month.


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