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Emmerdale teases trouble for Harriet Finch in 50th anniversary episodes

Throughout Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Harriet Finch, played by Katherine Dow Blyton, is in jeopardy.

The actress, who also portrayed Chrissy in the This is England world, teased how everything would turn out by telling Digital Spy and other media that the wedding of Will Taylor’s ex, Kim Tate, will bring up some unresolved emotions.

“I’m involved because Harriet is dealing with men’s issues yet again.

“Unfortunately, not Cain [Dingle]!” stated Blyton.

“She is therefore involved because she is becoming a little bit too enmeshed in Will’s life. That has an effect on his impending wedding.”

Given who she is up against, could a battle for Will’s heart not be a little risky for Harriet?

There, I’m really experimenting with fire. But this is her final chance; she must express her sentiments before he walks down the aisle, and then it’s game over.

There will be more pyrotechnics even though Harriet isn’t Kim Tate because both of them are independent, strong women. They’ll have their moments, the actress said.

Executive producer of the soap opera Jane Hudson continued, “Kim will overhear Harriet express everlasting love for Will, so obviously it will generate a lot of fireworks,” to further fuel the anticipation.

We already know that a storm is coming to the soap, but Harriet and Kim might have something much more tantalizing to offer.


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