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Emmerdale theory: Faith Dingle dies in Eric Pollard’s arms after heartfelt confession

Faith Dingle, who lives in EMMERDALE, might leave the ITV soap earlier than viewers anticipate, according to a theory examined by yzee.uk that suggests she passes away in Eric Pollard’s arms.

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale already know that Faith Dingle, played by Sally Dexter, will be leaving after learning that her cancer has returned. The Dingle favorite’s storyline is not yet clear, but recent scenes show that she is becoming more intimate with her ex-boyfriend Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell).

Since receiving her diagnosis, Faith’s health has been gradually getting worse.

Not only is she forgetting things and becoming disoriented, but she is also gradually losing things.

First, Faith’s driving privileges were revoked because she was deemed unfit to operate a vehicle.

She has also been informed by her children Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Cain (Jeff Hordley) that she cannot leave her grandchildren unattended.

Meanwhile, viewers have noticed a rekindling of the friendship between Faith and Eric as they grow closer.

Faith realized how much the businessman meant to her despite the fact that he was already in a relationship.

Eric made the decision to surprise Faith by renting a car after dealing her the bad news about her driving record.

As they departed together into the sunset, the two exchanged memories.

However, according to official Emmerdale spoilers, Faith’s situation might soon change.

In upcoming scenes, Faith and Eric have a drunken afternoon before driving a stolen golf cart back into the village.

Faith is having the time of her life and is grateful to be spending as much time as she can with Pollard.

However, after her episode earlier this week, might Faith’s time be up at this point?

Faith obviously likes Eric, but will she tell him she loves him as she passes away in his arms?

Watchers of Emmerdale on Monday night saw Faith become perplexed while speaking with Cain about her will.

Cain was in a daze and thought her son was her ex Shadrach Dingle (Andy Devine).

As the scenes between Faith and Cain developed, viewers were moved to tears, and many shared their feelings on social media.

Nice to see this side of Cain, but sad to see what Faith is going through, Dan wrote.

Tweeted Ryan Glendenning: “Cain worries a lot about Faith. The feeling is so genuine.”

I just caught up on #Emmerdale, and the final scene starring Faith and Cain broke my heart, said Shan.

“Oh my God, I’m watching ‘Emmerdale’ on ‘ITV Catch Up” I’ve been caught again by Cain and Faith “Jennifer Bayford acknowledged.


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