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Emmerdale theory: Leyla Harding embarks on affair with Suzy after betrayal

Leyla Harding of Emmerdale recently learned that her husband Liam Cavanagh had an extramarital affair, but a new yzee.uk theory contends that she is about to start her own affair.

Leyla Harding, portrayed by Roxy Shahidi on Emmerdale, had been waiting for Liam Cavanagh, played by Jonny McPherson, to admit to kissing Bernice Blackstock, portrayed by Samantha Giles. In tense scenes on Wednesday night, Leyla finally admitted she was aware of his adultery, and he expressed his sincere regret. Will Leyla take advantage of the situation to approach Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough), who has been consoling her?

Leyla was asked how she was during the most recent episode of the serial drama, and Suzy, who was worried, thought she looked great.

She offered to go for a walk with Leyla around the village so they could properly catch up.

Leyla concurred and ultimately told Suzy about Liam’s most recent betrayal.

Leyla said, “He did something the other day. He gave Bernice a kiss.

Before Leyla could respond, Suzy called Liam an idiot, saying, “Anyone would be tempted to when they are stuck with someone like me.”

That’s nonsense, it’s his fault he kissed someone else, not yours, Suzy assured Leyla.

Liam entered the room as they were still talking and asked to speak to Leyla privately about his kiss with his ex-girlfriend.

He wanted to explain what transpired between him and Bernice in the privacy of their own home and offered his sincere apologies.

Later, Liam apologized to his wife and said, “I’m so sorry,” but she didn’t seem moved.

She yelled at Liam, “I am entitled to handle this any way I choose,” despite his attempts to reassure her that he had never intended to harm her.

The regretful doctor explained, “I know it sounds like a weak defense, but it was truly a moment of madness.

Leyla then responded in an unexpected way, telling her husband that she “did not care” because she “felt nothing.”

Do you want all of your clothes thrown on the ground and a vase thrown at your head? Leyla queried.

The sober addict admitted to Liam that she had “no fight” left in her to respond to his adultery.
Could it be, though, that she has her sights set on a different villager?

Does Leyla feel a romantic kinship with Suzy, who has been her supporter?

Could Leyla aid Suzy in moving on from her on-and-off relationship with Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick)?

If Leyla left him for someone else, Liam would be devastated and might even hold it against himself for kissing Bernice behind his wife’s back in the first place.

Is there any chance that Leyla and Liam’s marriage will improve, or would it be best for them to part ways?


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