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Emmerdale theory: Millie Tate kidnapped in ‘missing’ relative revenge twist

According to a new theory from yzee.uk, Jamie Tate could make a comeback and kidnap Millie Tate as part of a revenge plot twist in the upcoming weeks, putting Millie’s life in danger.

Iconic Kim Tate from Emmerdale (played by Claire King) has been anticipating seeing her granddaughter Millie (Willow Bell). The fact that Millie’s father Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) is still alive and well has been kept a closely guarded secret by her and her other grandmother Hazel (Kate Anthony). After attempting to escape Kim’s cunning grasp, Jamie was believed to have passed away in September 2021. Jamie was able to leave the village and begin a new life by pretending to be dead.However, in upcoming scenes, Kim will experience a heartbreaking shock when she finds out that Millie is missing and Jamie is still alive.

After learning the truth, Kim is enraged and immediately calls the police to report him for attempted murder, leaving Millie alarmed and perplexed.

Since she now knows the truth about Jamie, Kim is determined to keep Millie safe, but she soon discovers that Millie is shy when she gets back to Home Farm.

Later, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), and Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) have trouble processing the fact that Jamie is still alive.

Kim is finally left alone, and as a sobbing Kim wrecks the Home Farm living room, the years of hurt and betrayal from Jamie surface.

The following day, the police arrive and provide Kim with unmistakable evidence that Jamie is still alive. Millie soon overhears Kim discussing her father as a result.

Millie reacted poorly and made the decision to leave Home Farm because she was confused and upset by what she had learned from Kim.

When Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) tells Kim that Millie hasn’t been found, Kim quickly realizes that Millie is nowhere to be found in the house and becomes worried.

Is it possible that Millie wanted to go back home with Hazel and Jamie but got lost?

Knowing she made a mistake, Hazel could have told Jamie that Kim is aware he is alive and left him to travel to Home Farm.

If Jamie had seen Millie leaving Home Farm alone, he might have invited her to accompany him.

Is Jamie being a loving father or could he be using Kim as a pawn in his nefarious games?

Millie’s life could be in danger if the troubled Tate family kidnaps her as a negotiating tactic.

Laura Shaw, a producer for Emmerdale, talked about the upcoming plot in which Jamie makes a comeback at Home Farm.

“Up at Home Farm, we know that Jamie Tate is actually still alive, so obviously that information is still to come out,” she told Digital Spy.

And when Kim learns, what will she do? Although Jamie is Kim’s Achilles’ heel, we are aware of how tough she is, so if she ever learns how much he has betrayed her, we can expect huge fireworks.


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