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Emmerdale theory: Rhona Goskirk devastated as Marlon Dingle tragically dies

Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle, a couple from Emmerdale, are only a few days away from saying “I do” at St. Mary’s Church, but a brand-new notion contends that catastrophe is just around the corner.

Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Rhona (Zoe Henry) have been counting down the minutes till their Emmerdale nuptials. The ITV soap will feature their big day next week, and Marlon is determined to recover enough strength after his stroke to make it down the aisle. Will Rhona, though, suffer heartbreak if Marlon’s condition deteriorates?

Fans of Emmerdale will be aware that Marlon had a stroke in March, which significantly affected his day-to-day activities.

Fortunately, Rhona, the love of his life, has been there for him and recently accepted his proposal on the ITV soap opera.

After several productive rehab sessions with Kit, Marlon has been determined to walk down the aisle and wed Rhona (Thoren Ferguson).

However, according to ITV soap opera teasers, the chef will experience leg weakness in subsequent scenes, and his best buddy Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) will advise him to visit a doctor.

Marlon agrees reluctantly, but he cautions Paddy not to inform Rhona because it occurs the day before their wedding.

Marlon must stay the night in the hospital since his blood pressure has not decreased, and physicians are unable to let him go the next morning.

In St. Mary’s Church, Rhona is waiting for her future husband when she notices Marlon is running late for the wedding.

Marlon tries to leave his wheelchair and walk down the aisle after Paddy later pushes him inside the church.

When Marlon eventually makes it to the altar and marries Rhona, there isn’t a dry eye in the church.

Marlon and Rhona leave their wedding celebration early because he has to recover after their big day, leaving them exhausted.

Marlon was able to walk down the aisle, but he might have overexerted himself.

actor Marlon Mark has made hints that his marriage to Rhona would not endure for long—could this indicate that he sadly passes away?

The 53-year-old remarked, “It was pretty emotional as there are intense storylines going on in the same episode, so when I read [the script], I found it constantly moving all the way through” when discussing the wedding special reporters at an Emmerdale press event.

Added him: “It was an interesting journey, and I was fortunate that our research teams had access to reams and reams of [stroke] data.

“I believed I was well prepared once we got going, but that does not mean I wasn’t anxious to the point where you are making educated estimates about stroke victims since every case is unique.

“I was fortunate since the scripts and the Stroke Association staff were both so brilliant.”

While stressing that “for now they are as strong as a couple can be,” Mark made a suggestion that Rhona and Marlon’s relationship would end “next week.”

In subsequent situations, may Marlon’s condition deteriorate?

Will the beloved by the public pass away tragically, leaving Rhona and the rest of the village in ruins?


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