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Emmerdale to EastEnders: Soap’s most shocking kisses

These are some of soap’s most shocking ever kisses

Over the years, there have been some shocking romances on Emmerdale, Coronation Street, and EastEnders.

And frequently they start with a kiss, some of which are pleasant and some of which are so startling they stick in the minds of fans.

These are the shocking ones.

Charity and Mack didn’t get together in the most conventional way

Charity and Mack – Emmerdale

Most drivers who collide with another car don’t end up kissing the victim, but most drivers aren’t Charity Dingle.

in particular if their girlfriend is fighting cancer. However, they don’t frequently collide with men who have abducted their own ex and are carrying him in the trunk.

But Charity and Mackenzie did just that; shockingly, they later reconciled and moved on successfully.

Definitely two of a kind.

Tina and Peter – Coronation Street

Snagging your new mistress during the reception is the epitome of a happy relationship, and that is exactly what Peter Barlow did with Tina McIntyre.

After that clinch, the wine glasses were all over the place and the tablecloths were never the same.

It’s just a shame he had just wed Carla Connor. And that Tina was later murdered, with Peter being falsely accused of the crime.

Callum and Ben’s first kiss was electric

Ben and Callum – EastEnders

Callum used to go by Halfway, had a stupid hat on, and was as dull as anything when he first moved to Walford.

But as soon as Ben Mitchell got back, everything changed. He stopped using his stupid nickname, put away his hat, and started an affair.

As you might anticipate from the head of a soap opera who created Robron, their first kiss was just as passionate.

Maya and Jacob – Emmerdale

It takes a lot to shock us as soap opera fans, but this was just awful.

In a storyline that was extremely difficult to watch, teacher Maya Stepney groomed and mistreated teenager Jacob Gallagher.
And for a variety of reasons, their first kiss was extremely unsettling.

We have no immediate plans to repeat the situation.

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