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Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle star teases Al Chapman gets killed as Chas affair exposed

Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle in Emmerdale, has hinted that if Al Chapman’s dark secret is revealed, he might be brutally murdered.

On Emmerdale, Jeff Hordley’s character Cain Dingle is known for having a bad temper and has been involved in a number of physical altercations over the years. Behind everyone’s back, his sister Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) has been having a passionate relationship with his adversary Al Chapman (Michael Wildman). Will Cain turn to murder if their affair is eventually revealed?

Currently, Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) is unaware that his wife has been having an affair with Al for months.

Although Chas has made it clear that she will never leave Paddy, Al plans to break up with Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) to demonstrate to Chas how devoted he is to their relationship.

The businessman will decide to flee with his mistress in upcoming scenes as he begins to put the money together for a home.

Al texts Chas to let her know he’s going to break up with Kerry in the Woolpack, according to ITV soap opera spoilers.

Al, however, is taken aback when Kerry unexpectedly proposes to him in a rap, shocking him.

Al is caught up in the moment and agrees even though he would prefer to move forward with his plans to purchase a home with his lover Chas.

Later, after promising Chas he prefers her to Kerry, Al gives her a passionate kiss.

Unbeknownst to them, they are seen kissing on a doorstep by a villager.

Their long-running relationship appears to be finally about to come to light, but ITV executives have not said which character will catch them in the act.

Will a villager inform Cain of his sister’s adultery, or will it be Cain who discovers the secret couple?

Jeff, who plays Cain, has hinted that if the affair is revealed, Al could be in serious danger.

“I think Al and Cain have been circling each other for quite a while, and they have probably been circling each other because of Covid,” he told Express.co.uk and other media.

The sensible thing to do was to keep my distance from him due to Covid, but if he finds out, this will have consequences. There might be fireworks, but not the kind you see in November, in my opinion.

Jeff responded, “There could be, he and Chas always do things which seem unforgivable but they always seem to get things back together, albeit temporarily,” when asked if there will be a major break-up in the Dingle family.

Would Cain be able to pardon his sister for sleeping with his mortal enemy?

The 50th anniversary episode of the ITV soap opera may reveal the affair in the upcoming weeks.

To commemorate the occasion, a terrible storm is expected to sweep through Emmerdale, and producer Jane Hudson has hinted that the drama may revolve around Chas and Al’s relationship.

“Chas and Al, I mean it’s a storm, if you are going to get it on you have the storm for cover,” added Jane. Chas and Al play major roles.

Will Cain, in a fit of extreme rage, kill Al as the storm wrecks havoc on the village?


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