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Emmerdale’s Charley Webb talks ‘ignoring life’ amid split claim with Matthew Wolfenden

Star of Emmerdale Charley Webb made a mysterious post in response to rumors that she and her husband, Matthew Wolfenden, have been leading “separate lives.”

On social media, Charley Webb made a mysterious remark about “ignoring life”.

The Emmerdale actress and her co-star husband Matthew Wolfenden caused controversy when it was rumored that, after 15 years of dating, the couple had been living apart for months.
Charley, 35, looked directly into the camera while sporting a black jersey and a baseball cap in her most recent Instagram photo.

She wrote, “Ignoring life and all the jobs I need to do,” in the caption.

“Also, I want more piercings.”

Matthew, 43, and Charley, who are also proud parents to three children, tied the knot in 2018 and the couple met on the Emmerdale set in 2007.

They had briefly split in 2013 for two years but had reconciled.

A source told The Sun: “Charley and Matthew were in very different places in their lives when they first got together.

“Three kids later and with new careers in the mix, everything has changed and perhaps they are no longer the unit they once were.”

Express.co.uk has reached out to the representatives of Matthew Wolfenden and Charley Webb in the past to request comment.

When he joined the soap opera Emmerdale in 2006, the couple first got to know each other there. Three years later, in 2009, they got engaged.

After friends mistakenly believed they were attending Charley’s 30th birthday celebration, they surprised the guests with a wedding.

“That moment when we announced what we were doing and seeing everybody’s reaction is the best moment of my life,” Charley gushed to OK!

“We could not have had a better response,” Matthew continued. For roughly ten minutes, everyone was just screaming!”

After 18 years of portraying David Metcalfe in Emmerdale, the actor recently left the show, and he immediately began training for his new role in Elf.

In the meantime, Charley quit the soap opera two years ago and went on to star in a number of other TV dramas.


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