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Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd finally exposed as fans ‘work out’ Aaron Dingle return plot

Fans of EMMERDALE think they’ve finally ascertained who Mackenzie Boyd spent the night with after their altercation with Charity Dingle.

Fans of Emmerdale were on the edge of their seats last week when Mackenzie (played by Lawrence Robb) cheated on Charity (Emma Atkins) following a heated argument over having a second child. Since then, they’ve been attempting to figure out who the bad boy had a liaison with, and up until this point, they had assumed it was a female. ITV viewers have since developed the theory that it might actually be Danny Miller’s character Aaron Dingle, who will be making a comeback for the soap opera’s 50th anniversary.

Charity and Mack appeared to mend fences during Friday’s episode, and according to the Dingle favorite, things are good between them.

Mack, however, experienced a panic attack after receiving a text message from the unknown person he had slept with.

The mystery caller’s insistence that he speak with them made things worse.

Although he has never confirmed it, fans were led to believe it was a woman Mackenzie spent the night with.

As the last person to see Mackenzie after his altercation with Charity, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) appeared to be the ideal candidate up until this point.

Despite the fact that Mack cleverly refers to the person as “they” and “them” after confiding in Nate (Jurell Carter) during Monday night’s episode, giving fans the impression that it might be a man.

So how did you feel after you cheated on Trace? Mack enquired.

Nate replied, “She was my world,” and continued, “And Frankie, I lost them both, but Trace deserved better.

Nate questioned, “So does Charity. But is the other person going to keep it to themselves?” Mack responded, “So does Charity.”

Nate argued, “You’re going to have to put your face straight.” “Because you currently appear as guilty as you feel,”

She treated me so well yesterday, Mack remarked. If she had known that I had emerged from someone else’s bed, she “would never have said all those things.”

Nate tried to get Mack to tell him who it was, “So, who was it.”

“Nice try,” Mack said shaking his head. “No!”

His friend asked, “Is it someone I know?” Because it will eventually surface if it is someone from the area.

Because she lived far away, I believed my secret was safe. You’ll run into your secret at the bar, where the pub charity runs.

Mack insisted, “They made me a promise, and I believe them, and believe me, they would have way more to lose if this came to light.”

Aaron Dingle is frequently mentioned in fan theories about the mystery person that have been shared on social media.

“Just catching up on Fridays @emmerdale,” wrote Wayne O’Brien, “and I’m wondering if whoever Mack slept with might just be Aaron?”

That was Aaron in bed with Mack, right, Tom Hewitt continued.

User @bebop added, “Mack in bed with Aaron.”

While Mack’s bisexuality has been called into question by Charlotte. Mack slept with charity, so she reasoned that he’s probably not gay. He could be bi, though, she added (sic)


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