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Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle ‘dies in Rhona’s arms’ as fans twig huge wedding tragedy

Fans believe catastrophe is in store for Marlon Dingle of Emmerdale, who just wed Rhona Goskirk in an emotional ceremony that saw him walk down the aisle.

After getting married to Rhona Goskirk, Marlon Dingle’s death is unquestionably being revealed to Emmerdale viewers.

Marlon, who had recently recovered from a stroke, exchanged vows with the woman he considers his soul mate and child’s mother in a moving ceremony on Thursday (August 11).

After long therapy sessions, he had planned to surprise his fiance, but a last-minute setback caused his blood pressure to spike, requiring an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Fortunately, he arrived back in time to meet Rhona at the altar. The couple joyfully exchanged their vows in front of the community before going home, where Marlon placed his head on Rhona.

However, some admirers are worried that he died during the emotional aftermath of the wedding.

One concerned admirer said on Facebook, “So afraid that Marlon has now died in Rhona’s arms!” with a teary emoticon.

As a third person added: “I was thinking that,” another concurred: “I was thinking the same thing.” I read that he was supposed to be departing.

Someone more wrote: “Hope Marlon ain’t just killed!” Another worried: “Just finished watching… Marlon is only dozing off, isn’t he? Not gone!

Others, however, are confident that they saw the Dingle breathing, as one witness theorized: “He just had a stroke and that was a hectic day for a healthy person. He may not have slept well in the hospital, either.

“I stated the same, but I’m probably exhausted!” He’s not leaving the drama so I can’t see him dying, another fan commented as a third disagreed.

Others, meantime, expressed their concern that Faith Dingle, whose son Cain and she had a long-running argument, may pass away in his arms after they danced together at the wedding.

Several months before, Faith had received a terminal cancer diagnosis, and when an Elvis song started playing, some viewers believed the Dingle matriarch’s demise was imminent.

I genuinely believed Faith was going to pass away in Cain’s arms – incredibly sad episode tonight, but I enjoyed every minute,” one person wrote. Me too, I called my mother and shouted, “Mum she’s going to die!” when they were playing Elvis, I was so certain.


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