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Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry details working with husband Jeff Hordley ‘Won’t see him for years’

Actress Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona Goskirk on Emmerdale, opened up about what it’s really like to collaborate with her on-screen husband Jeff Hordley.

The Emmerdale actress Zoe Henry has played the village vet Rhona Goskirk for two decades, and her on-again, off-again co-star Jeff Hordley has played Cain Dingle for 22 years. Zoe has opened up to Express.co.uk about the realities of working on set with Jeff, despite the fact that their characters’ lives hardly ever collide.

Violet and Stan are the names of the couple’s two children, who were born after Zoe and Jeff got married in August 2003.

In a recent Emmerdale special, Zoe’s character Rhona wed Marlon Dingle (played by Mark Charnock).

In this episode, Zoe and Jeff had the exceptional chance to appear in scenes together at the Woolpack and in the village church.

Exclusively speaking with Express.co.uk, Zoe discussed how she and her husband both appear in the same serial drama.

“It’s the day job, which sounds really boring but is also nice because it allowed us to travel together and return home together [for the wedding],” she said.

“I know it’s a dull response, but that’s just what we do. Sometimes, I think you just dread those long days.

However, as we previously stated, the filming for this episode was really enjoyable, so it’s nice to see Jeff around.

Since Cain is in love with Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) and Zoe has been taking care of Marlon, who had a stroke in March, the stories of the characters hardly ever overlap.

If one of us dies, I probably won’t see him for a few more years; in that case, Zoe jokingly said, “Oh no, I won’t be there.”

While attending drama school together, Zoe and Jeff actually got to know one another before they were cast in Emmerdale.

As Jeff previously stated: “In 1994, I first met you at drama school. When I first saw Zoe, I knew she was the one.”

On the day she received the Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards’ Best Actress in a Leading Role honor, he proposed to Zoe.

When their children were young, the storylines of their characters were filmed at various times so they could divide childcare responsibilities.

Recently, Zoe discussed her and her husband’s love of gardening when she appeared on Lorraine.

Speaking to ITV viewers about her allotment, Zoe said: “Together, we learn a lot online.

“Jeff has done a fantastic job this time. He is merely bearing the burden of what is occurring at home.

” Obviously, he’s managing everything since we have two children, two dogs, and an allotment.”

When she appeared on Lorraine recently, Zoe talked about how much she and her husband enjoy gardening.

When discussing her allotment with ITV viewers, Zoe said: “Online, we all gain a lot of knowledge.

“This time, Jeff did a fantastic job. He is simply carrying the weight of what is going on at home.” Since we have two kids, two dogs, and an allotment, he must be in charge of everything.”


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