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Former Home and Away star Lincoln Younes rules out Casey Braxton twist

Fans of the Home and Away series are continuously asking actor Lincoln Younes, who played Casey Braxton from 2011 to 2014, if he will return.

The character’s demise is the problem there.

Younes told Yahoo! Lifestyle Australia that he is quite certain that Casey is actually dead, despite the fact that characters in soap operas have in the past faked their deaths.

He laughed and continued, “I think Casey’s death, kind of puts a stop to that storyline.

“That part of my life was really perfect. It had a really nice arc, which you don’t always get to see on long-running shows like Home and Away, and it began and ended the way I kind of wanted it to.

I would never want to kind of touch it again because sometimes it’s okay to leave the party early and leave the enchantment still there. It simply remains something that I look back on with great nostalgia. You shouldn’t sort of linger too long.

The actor is currently starring as the least character in Last King of the Cross, which recently finished its first season on Paramount+ and also features Tim Roth. The narrative follows John Ibrahim and his brother as they make the transition from abject poverty to becoming the proprietors of Sydney’s Kings Cross strip.

Even though being the star of your own series is probably a lot of fun, Younes mentioned an amusing/awkward outside nude scene during the interview.

Midway through the take, this neighbour left and simply stood there staring at me as I burned my clothing in the nakedness. And I returned his gaze. It continued for far too long.

“That was pretty funny… The actors and crew rapidly and personally got to know me.


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