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Former Home and Away star Sam Frost and fiancé Jordie Hansen welcome first child

The former Home and Away star announced the news in a sweet Instagram post. 

Former Home and Away star Sam Frost and fiancé Jordie Hansen have had a healthy baby boy.

The couple revealed that the baby was born on March 7 and that both the mother and the child are doing well.

Frost posted to Instagram, “Here is Ted,” revealing the adorable name.

John Theodore Paul Frost-Hansen. There aren’t enough words to express our affection for you, 07/03/2023.

Months after announcing their engagement, Frost and Hansen revealed they were expecting in September.

The expectant mother uploaded a snapshot of herself and Hansen clutching an ultrasound picture.

There will soon be a small human, Everyone should appear shocked when he unavoidably gets his parents’ quirky sense of humour, it said in the caption.

“We try to instill in our little child the same principles we do by not taking ourselves or life too seriously.

The value of being really oneself, how to always find humour in the little things, and how kindness, love, and empathy are superpowers, she continued.

Thank you to all of our lovely friends and family members who helped us during this difficult period; you are all great secret keepers.

The good news was shared, and the couple immediately relocated to Queensland’s Noosa and started making preparations for the baby.

At the time, she wrote on Instagram, “We felt it would be a great spot to raise our little guy.

But we’ll be visiting friends, relatives, and working intermittently while travelling back and forth between Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

Ups and downs of pregnancy

Frost openly discussed some of the low points of being pregnant in addition to the high points.

In September, she started a video on her social media platforms called “Sam’s preggo diary week 17”.

I vomited so badly yesterday that I almost soaked my trousers.

The incident was not the first.

I sat on the bathroom floor crying… all nasty in my own spit and urine,” she said, using a crying face emoji.

“Then yelled at my boyfriend as if it was his fault.

He gave me Red Rooster as a gift in return, hugged me, and told me I was doing an Outstanding job raising our baby boy.

Frost told her followers 35 weeks into her pregnancy that her family experienced “a fair bit of stress” due to a late-night hospital visit.

But everybody is fine. healthy and happy.

“Today we had a growth and well-being scan because my bump is on the smaller side… I’m delighted to say that he’s developing normally.


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