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Godaddy Website Builder Seo

How to make a GoDaddy Website Builder Website SEO Friendly

Godaddy Website Builder Seo
Godaddy Website Builder Seo

A lot of web hosts have set up their own versions of website builder in an effort to get everyone around the globe to own a website. It’s the way to go, isn’t it? The entry barrier is too low, that’s virtually no reason to not make it happen, which is why everybody takes advantage of their services , and they earn profits hand-over-fist. In the end, at least until they recognize that webmasters are typically a joke and that it’s not as difficult to build an effective, basic WordPress site in just a few hours. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

It’s called into the GoDaddy Website Builder. It, along with other web builders similar to that, is not very effective in terms of search engine optimization. It has a couple of advantages, however it is worth a examine it in an overview. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

It is the GoDaddy Website Builder

Here The GoDaddy website builder aims to let anyone create an online presence of their very own in a matter of minutes. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

There are four plans available for plans.

  • Personal The HTML0 Personal comes with responsive layout throughout its templates, and includes hosting in the bundle and provides 24/7 assistance. For one month, it’s free for one month, and then it’s the cost is $6 per month. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo
  • Business The same features as Personal and enhanced with PayPal integrated, SSL security for that tasty HTTPS, and SEO features. Costs just $10 per month. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo
  • Business Plus This is the business model however, it comes with email marketing as well as social media integration along with “globally enhanced speeds.” It’s just $15 per month.
  • Online Store The same features that the plan Plus comes with, except for an online shopping cart and the capability to take credit card payments, Apple Pay, and other payment options including tax and shipping assistance and cart abandonment recovery and text messages when an order is placed. The total cost is just $30 per month. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

It is important to note that, even though the personal plan comes with “SEO options,” what they consider SEO and what you think of as SEO could be quite different. The GoDaddy website for SEO declares that it “automatically analyzes your website and makes it more optimized to be search engine friendly.” – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

I do not know about you but any type of optimization performed by an automated tool isn’t something I’d want to count on. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

The Best Solution

The most important option to create a page that is optimized with this GoDaddy web builders is to discontinue working with GoDaddy’s GoDaddy site creator. It’s about the same amount to purchase cheap web hosting with an genuine web hosting service, buy a domain name and install WordPress. A handful of free plugins can provide you with the benefits of SEO, and you won’t have a restriction on your architecture to hinder you from achieving. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

Unfortunately, this isn’t the type of thing you’d want to hear when you’re investing in GoDaddy. It’s not easy to move to a new site and begin with a new site, regardless of whether you’re reaping the long-term benefits of it. It’s also true that GoDaddy does not make it simple to move and cancel. Because of how secure GoDaddy’s platform has become, it’s not a surprise that they don’t force you to give up rights to your information. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

What is GoDaddy? GoDaddy Does

When you build a website using GoCentral which is the name of the web-based builder – you are able to use their drop-down menu to navigate to their SEO Wizard. The wizard will walk you through the steps needed to add the basic information you need to add on your website. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

  • business name. I assume this is added to your Meta Title of all of your pages.
  • business category. This is used to create wizard-based products and meta-information.
  • 1 Product or Service. This is where you insert the keywords that I believe are added to the keyword meta tag. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo
  • customer location. This is used to add geo-tracking data on your website, which is certainly a great idea for local businesses however, it’s not worth the effort when you’re an online company that serves a worldwide audience. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

As you move through the wizard, it’ll require you create pages. You choose a few keywords phrases that users might be using to locate your website and you select one of them to include in your page’s meta title. You create the meta title of your site and they ask you to choose the keyword you picked earlier. Create a headline for your page in H1. If you do not include it the program creates it automatically. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

The truth is that the latest GoCentral web builder tool is extremely restrictive. If you’re planning to incorporate different keywords in your description and title as well as between your meta information and your content, you’ll draw the attention by the tool. In reality, it seems like you’re not able to save your changes if they don’t meet the specifications of the wizard. – Godaddy Website Builder Seo

I am able to see the direction GoDaddy comes from. They are trying to give simple SEO guidelines to those who don’t know of what SEO even means. If you’re a business proprietor and haven’t been exposed to online marketing before, then applying their suggestions is more effective than doing nothing whatsoever. If you’re barely aware of SEO you’re aware of the limitations and restrictions it is to utilize SEO’s service tool.

What is it that GoDaddy Does Right?

In spite of all the mentioned, there are a couple of things GoDaddy does well in terms of SEO. Right? I didn’t believe it either.

First off, the latest website builder is able to support – and even requires an adaptive design. You cannot make an unresponsive website mobile-friendly unless you have specifically tried it, such as putting all your content onto an image, or using images to create your pages. The design of the site will adjust to mobile devices and is a major benefit nowadays.

GoDaddy is also automatically creates a website maps for you, and then sends the map to Google. They don’t grant you access to the map, nor do they allow you to make it available on your own however, you can decide which pages to be included in it using their system. Any changes will be submitted to Google.

They are the ones who control the Robots.txt files and this is both positive and negative. It’s a good thing because it prevents a certain set of systems and folders from indexation, which is a an excellent practice that too few people follow. It’s a problem in that you cannot edit it anyhow. If there’s a blockage which you’d like to be in your site, you’re out luck. The even GoDaddy support doesn’t have the power to change it as it’s not in their offerings.

GoDaddy also lets you include Google Analytics, although the procedure can be a bit confusing. To set up the Google Analytics account, go to the settings of your website, and then add the code to your “site-wide web-based code” tab. Make sure that it’s located in the Head section and not in the Body section. Find out further about this here..

As it is, that’s just about it.

How to Prepare

I’ve said before that you must move away from GoCentral as soon as you can however, I recognize that it’s not always an option. If you’re determined to it and get the most of it, you’ll need concentrate on the aspects you are able to directly influence.

This reduces your options to a handful of SEO strategies.

  1. Making the most of their key wizard.
  2. Optimizing your content to give it the maximum value.
  3. Integration of social media.

You are also able to work on the meta data on your website however, there’s nothing that you could create. The meta descriptions that GoDaddy allows you to create aren’t used in like you typically make use of meta data. Google does not use these descriptions to create snippets for your snippets and from what I can tell, there’s no option to modify these fragments. It’s just a matter of making sure that your opening sentence is always of the highest quality.

If you want to get the most out of the tool, it is best to conduct some real search. The wizard suggests as if you just need to create some phrases that you can let it do the work however, the method you think of your business and what your customers view you will differ. It is important to conduct some basic research to find out what the top terms for your industry are, and which ones will be applicable to your business and then use them.

The real research for keywords is a lengthy and tedious process, however, once you’ve finished it, the majority tasks are taken out of the way, and it’s just a matter of making regular changes for your listing as time goes by. The link above will take you an entry point to the Moz guide that is among the top sources to be found. It can be a bit overwhelming to begin however, the your keyword research will help your brand’s image for years to be. No matter if you’re using GoDaddy or WordPress The keywords you select to promote your brand can only be changed if your brand, products or the focus shifts.

When it comes to optimizing content There are numerous factors that are involved. The process of creating excellent content is a subjective process. It is generally necessary to find topics that are original enough to gain you some publicity, are relevant to your business and beneficial for your readers to be able to.

If, for instance, I were an exterminator I wouldn’t write a blog about how to get rid of termites because every other exterminator in this country has written the exact article and there’s nothing I can contribute to the topic. But, I could create a post about the time I attempted to get rid of termites, what I did and what I did to duplicate the success. Then, turning it into an anecdote makes it more distinctive.

The issue lies in the fact that the web is overflowing with content in nearly every industry. It’s hard to come with something distinctive in a world where there are hundreds of others trying to get the same amount of traffic. Brands used to overcome this issue by incorporating their location however these days, the simple “pest Removal within New York” keywords are quite a mess.

Integration of social media will be a bit difficult. GoDaddy allows embedding content using that of the Twitter embed code or Facebook Like Box, however they won’t let you use Social sharing widgets unless you’ve got an adequate level plan.

If you are on the top plan, adding the social media accounts is simple enough. All you have to do is locate the option to add social media within their site builder, and then enter the URLs to those accounts on social media. Of course, you’ll must ensure that your accounts on social media are in use, or else there’s no reason for you to include the integration.

There’s no way to personalize the buttons for social sharing. You’re not able to choose an individual plugin such as Social Warfare; you’re stuck with the one they offer by default, which is skinned to fit with the theme you’ve selected. If you’re looking for something more specific then you’re out of luck.

If you don’t subscribe to the higher level plan and aren’t able to access social media using their buttons, you’ll need to find a way around. My suggestion is to manually add the social media links and buttons at the end of your postings. The issue is that it can increase loading times, it’s also an un-standard option for social sharing and won’t be more effective than optimized buttons. But if the decision is between this option or none at all I’d prefer the less-than-optimal option.

The bottom line is that you’ll would like to get to GoDaddy. However, even Wix is a better choice, SquareSpace is extremely well-designed, and it’s really simple to create the basic website using WordPress.


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