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Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

8 Reasons Your Website’s Home Page isn’t In the Top 10

Website Homepage Isn't Ranking
Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

A site that’s not ranking properly is a major issue however, it’s not the issue I’m going to discuss this morning. What happens when your blog’s ranking is perfectly however your homepage doesn’t appear?

It’s a common issue that can have a number of possible reasons. It’s usually not something you’ve committed a mistake and doesn’t carry penalized but both could be the cause in specific circumstances. I’ve listed the most commonly-cited reasons for a low site ranking. Hopefully one of them will fit your needs. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

1. There isn’t a strong brand for you.

One of the main reasons for a page to not rank as well as other content does is the lack of branding. Websites are ranked in accordance with the authority of their brand’s name and the quality of contents they contain. If your homepage does not have a lot of material – and a lot of non-blog websites are caught in this trap and you must completely rely on your brand. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

Check out the site Technorati. There are only a couple hundred words of text and few images on their homepage. They rank for this because they’re an old site , and they have a solid brand name, however even if they didn’t have thousands of backlinks, and were using a generic domain name, the home page would not be able to even imagine ranking.

This is an instance of a page which may have a difficult in achieving a high rank. If your website isn’t equipped with an overwhelming number of backlinks that propel each page up the ranks, and if your homepage isn’t filled with terms of content its own, it will require very strong branding in order to be able to stand in the search results. However, it’s more likely to be ranked for terms that relate to the branding and not the contents that is on it. Check out the Technorati page. What keyword does it be ranking for? There are some buzzwords in marketing, but anything that actually propels you forward. The only thing you can get is distinct keywords such as the name of the brand and that of the company who purchased the product. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

2. Your Home Page Doesn’t have Content

I’ve mentioned this in the past I mentioned it a bit earlier, but it’s not an issue of its own. Many blogs have a homepage page, which is essentially the most recent two blog posts. Some websites have homepages with navigation, content categories and links to products, but there is no content that stands out on their own. They have a tougher to rank. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

Google is actually heavily focused on content nowadays. What percentage of people conduct Google searches and actually are looking for an official home page? If you’re not just searching at the title of an company there’s a good chance you have some information you’d like to locate or a task you’d like to finish. Both of these are probably more pertinent as sub-pages rather than an official home page. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

If not I suggest that your home page include at least a clear description of your brand and what you offer. Consider it as an empathetic version of your more powerful “about our company” page. If you’ve encountered this non-ranking home page problem, it’s likely that your”about us” page is performing betterfor precisely this reason. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

If you’re able to do it you can, your homepage should automatically load an explanation of or an excerpt from the latest blog post that you’ve posted. Blog homepages typically rank precisely for this reason, and they will always display a minimum content material from the blog to display. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

3. The Home Page of your Home Page is Dominated by Media

If your website has lots of content on it, but isn’t ranked in search results, it’s likely that it’s the style of your content that is causing the problem. Google does not index videos, since technology hasn’t quite reached the point at which they can easily understand the contents and the context of videos when they are indexing it. They can do this for YouTube on a very fundamental level and the result is the inadequate automated captioning technology. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

Google will not also search for content that is primarily images. If your site’s homepage is composed from images that have text, as a way to appear distinctive with typography, you should stop this. It’s a traditional web 2.0 method that, although it looks nice but is totally inaccessible to Google. In the modern era it’s possible to use HTML5 and CSS3 together to create almost any design you’d like in a manner that’s easily read by Google at least as it pertains to text. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

Flash content is another huge one. Fortunately, it’s on the way out. Flash was the most popular method to create animated content, however in recent years it has repeatedly been struck by huge security flaws, and because of this, several major web browsers have opted to stop loading automatically Flash and also require the permission to load Flash elements. It’s a good security precaution however it is detrimental to websites that use Flash to host content, or any ad platform that serves advertisements that are based on Flash. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

4. You recently redesigned your Page

There’s a phenomenon called”the “Google dance” that occurs when something changes on your website or at Google’s end as per their algorithm. It’s an occasional change when Google indexes your website and categorizes it according to their algorithm. Your rankings will rise and drop, often significantly as they attempt to figure out where your site will rank in the new rankings. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

If you’ve recently finished the redesign of your website and you’re not sure, your website is somewhere in that Google dancing. From what Google is concerned the older content has vanished and your new content is in need of some sort of place to be ranked. In this situation it is possible that you will not appear in the search results but you’ll be back in the future. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

A way to determine whether this is the case and not only by knowing that you’ve recently done major website redesign or revamp of your homepage is to check the time you’ve been at the bottom or not even in your Google rankings. The typical Google dance will not last longer than a few days or even a week at minimum. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

5. You’re violating Usability Rules

Google has many guidelines for usability and best practices to ensure users have the best possible experience. This is, in part, the reason that many websites use identical designs today. What is the most frequent time you visit an online site and immediately know the way it’s going to appear? A logo at the bottom, navigation at the to the top, content at the center, advertisements that you can avoid in the sidebar, the footer with links that aren’t as important and so on. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

The reason for this trend is that a large number of websites are modeling themselves the basis of popular themes and designs, while those which aren’t, are generally modelling themselves after the major websites. The top sites are also performing what they do best and “what is working” will be determined by the content Google endorses. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

It’s not that Google influences the style of web pages directly. It’s declaring that Google has set rules concerning what is required to be a good one and what makes it an unprofessional design. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

A few of the flaws in a poor design are hyperlinks that are difficult to click on, texts that are too tiny or difficult to read, media-as-homepage issues mentioned above, and problems with strange colours, fonts, or layouts. Yes, it’s creative to design a website which scrolls horizontally, rather than in a vertical fashion, however it’s certainly not likely make any difference with regard to your target audience. This kind of experimentation should be left to the creatives. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

6. You’ve left a NoIndex in

It’s one of the technical mistakes that can cause problems, but it rarely occurs. The only instance where I’ve witnessed this occur is when you’re conducting a redesign and testing the design in your server. In this case, you add noindex to your web pages so that Google does not consider a hybrid design or a partial design. When you are ready to go live with the whole thing and you don’t remove the noindex and then wonder what’s wrong with your site and why it’s not being indexed. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

There are many ways that you could have not indexed your content. The first is through meta tags in your site’s code. Take a look at in the upper part of your code before the body, and in the header. You’re searching for something that reads ” meta name=”robots”” It’s the instruction that explains what robots similar to Google search spiders are expected to accomplish. If it’s got content=noindex on it, it means the search engines are instructed to disregard the website. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

If there is no meta directive exists, it is possible to check an alternative location. Certain websites don’t utilize meta directives for robots that are on-page and instead make use of a separate file called robots.txt. The file is typically put in the root directory of your site and is responsible for your noindex directive and the other nofollow directives on specific pages. For instance, if you wanted to stop any robot-related traffic to the website, you’d have an user-agent line. This line states that the directive is applicable for all bots. If you wanted to block one specific robot, then you’d choose the user-agent googlebot and whatever is the name that’s official of your bot that you want block is. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

Below that, you will be able to see “disallow the bot to access this page”. This blocks the bot from accessing the URL that is specified. In this case, as it’s just a simple /, it is a reference to all pages that is on the domain following an end. www.example.comis an example each page of the website will be banned. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

In the end, there could be an unresolved block against users agents or referrers within the .htaccess file. Find out more information about how this is done in this article. – Website Homepage Isn’t Ranking

Most of these are only issues that affect small websites. Larger sites can deal with a lot based by virtue of the links that link towards them, the quality and diversity in their contents, as well as the long-running white hat SEO capabilities. Smaller sites don’t have all that to offer, therefore, they’re in a precarious spot. It’s easier to push the tire than to lift a complete vehicle, isn’t it?

While this may be the easiest issue to spot in all the cases, it’s also the most difficult to solve. If your site isn’t ranked, you require more hyperlinks and implied links all over the internet. But long-running campaign for building links are simply the same thing; they’re extended. It is important to approach it in a gradual manner, you cannot simply bombard the world with hyperlinks and expect it to take you to where you’d like to be.

How do you create enough links that will give your website a higher credibility and a strong brand? It is possible to participate in the influencer network. Start an guest post campaign. You could also work with online marketing or even more paid advertising to the appropriate target audience. There are many choices and, frankly it is best to work on all of them.

8. This is your Home Page was Copied

It’s a rare event, but it’s possible that the theft of your homepage could have made your page rank lower, or it’s not the case at all.

In general, Google is able to withstand such attacks. It is impossible for someone to enter and simply duplicate my homepage and reduce my site’s position in the rankings, as Google knows that my site is the first. They determine the date that the website was indexed, not the date displayed on its content, in order to protect against abuse through backdating.

The issue arises when you are deindexed due to any reason, for example, in the event that you changed URLs, but did not implement a proper redirection or if they managed to copy your site prior to when you were actually indexed at all. In any of these scenarios it appears to Google as if your content was second in line that is why you’ll require a change to your content to make it appear more unique. There is no method to report the scraper’s activity to Google without having some credibility to back you. You are able to make a report on the scraper but in the event that Google continues to believe that you’re a duplicate, they may not decide to take action.


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