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Grow Rank Amazon Niche

How to Build and Rank on an Amazon Niche Website

Grow Rank Amazon Niche
Grow Rank Amazon Niche

Amazon is one of the top affiliate marketing programs that are available online in the present. It’s not due to high percentage payouts, and not due to attractive merchandise; it’s due to two factors. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

  1. The answer is Amazon. They have almost everything you could like, from skin creams to computer parts to sexual toys. According to the report from the year 2016, Amazon had over the 370 million items available and you could sell any of them through affiliate marketing with only a couple of clicks. Additionally, to the range there’s Amazon. Customers have faith in Amazon and its name is known to help sell items. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche
  2. The affiliate tracking system of Amazon will award you credit to sell anything that the user decides to purchase when they click your link. If you offer them a $5 phone case and they decide to purchase both the case and $600 phone you will earn a commission for the case as well as the phone. In addition, Amazon is very well equipped to suggest more products as well as sales and accessories. If someone decides to purchase a mobile phone, they’ll be offered cases screens, screen protectors and expansion cards, and applications. Each of these will bring you commissions. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

The potential for earning is very high and extremely adaptable. In order to balance this, you’ll end with a lower than normal commission. It typically starts at 4%, and then an increase based on performance throughout the month. The more you make, the more the value of your sales is to you. This makes a well-designed specific Amazon affiliate website extremely useful, however it requires lots of work to establish and rank these websites. With hundreds of other marketers trying to achieve the same goals there’s plenty of competition in almost all niches. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

Talking to Fred

The first item I’d like to talk about before we dive into growth strategies and tips, is the most recent Google “Fred” upgrade. This update affects websites with an excessive amount of thin content with little worth, and have too many advertisements. Also, it’s targeted at weak niche affiliate websites. One of the most common methods for ranking niche sites was to email with a plethora of thin content, enough to clear Panda barriers and filters. You can then and then lace it with affiliate links, and then let it sit. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

This doesn’t mean the chances you have of getting a position on with an affiliate site are low however, you’ll be required to be more focused on it. However, at the this gives the opportunity to take action quickly. Fred has de-ranked many niche websites, leaving chances to make a name for yourself when you are quick and create content that is of sufficient quality quickly enough. It’s not easy but it’s doable. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

Fred is a huge fan of sites that have powerful visual elements and a strong brand. A good use of color videos, images, and an appealing logo; all of these contribute to. Websites that are niche with simple logos that are not adorned with typography and little personalization are likely to be struggling for a long time. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

Make, rank, and Grow

According to the title, it is necessary to follow three stages to the success of affiliate niche websites. The first step is to build a powerful affiliate website or at least , the foundation to build one. The second goal is to make sure that the site is ranked in the search results, even if it’s not a high ranking, to show that you’re not squeezing under penalties and are on the right path. The third goal is to increase the number of visitors to your site from being a novice to a mighty one producing thousands of dollars every month. Therefore, let’s consider each section in its own. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche


For a top-quality affiliate niche website it is essential to begin with a solid foundation. This will require a reliable, top-quality web host as well as a modest money to build your own framework, purchase some high-quality tools, and then get started. I don’t have any specific advice for a web host however, you could look over this article for some tips. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

Whatever subject you’d like to go in, I recommend a WordPress framework. In particular, I recommend you choose one of the frameworks, such as the Genesis Framework as well as one of the themes that are related to it. It will give you an efficient and speedy loading website framework , with themes that look nice.

Yes, it’s costly however, it’s a once-off purchase that’s sure to help you with a lot of complicated optimization. Rememberthat site speed is a key SEO element which is why making sure you’re set to be successful is much better than having to hack away at code and plugins in the future. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

You’ll require an assortment of essential SEO tools. You don’t necessarily need to enable blog comments however, if you do already have comments, Akismet is a must. I would recommend a security software in case you’re ever targeted. WordPress SEO powered by Yoast is an excellent choice for complete control over the SEO of your website. Other plugins are dependent on your personal particular ideas or goals. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

You should also consider investing in the right tools to conduct keyword research. Long Tail Pro and ScrapeBox together can provide you with all you need. The type of keyword research you’ll need to conduct will be based on the niche you intend to target and, naturally. The goal is to find sufficient keywords that you can fill your website with a couple dozen articles immediately and plan to publish 1-2 times every month

– or at least 2 times per week for at minimum a year. Also, you should be aware of developments in your industry and search for keywords that are newsworthy you can write about whenever they occur, to provide more power in ranking to your website. The next step, however.

You can get a feel for the basics and nuances of research on keywords by reading articles like the one below by Backlinko as well as that of Moz. These posts should provide all that you should know about keyword research, although they might be difficult to comprehend. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

What is the best way to decide which subject matter you’d like to target?

  1. In the beginning think of some general thoughts. Are you looking to concentrate on electronics? Housewares? Books? You’re looking for something on an increasing demand.
  2. Then Browse these areas on Amazon to search for specific types of items. For example, in the category of electronics you might be focusing on e-readers, cellphones or Internet of Things-style household products. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche
  3. The next step is to Start coming out with niches. If you’re into cell phones, you might want to concentrate on middle-tier non-Galaxy Android-powered devices. If you’re interested in IoT devices, you can look at various thermostats with Internet connectivity. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche
  4. Then you have your list of suggestions and a look at the websites that are competing. Examine how much the niches are receiving in terms of traffic and then look at the number of websites are competing in the same niche, and then examine how competitive the competition appears to be. It is important to note the part about Fred favoring websites with solid branding and content.
  5. If your market is dominated by sites with not any kind of images, other than images of products, no branding or color, or any other such thing there is a higher chances of being ahead of the pack by doing these things. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

In general, I’d recommend choosing a domain name earlier in this regard, however generally, you want a domain name that is somewhat related to your industry. Avoid exact match domains or other domains that are keyword-related, however. This Points Guy is a site about the points earned by credit cards, and that’s okay.

Hardware Revolution is a site dedicated to computer hardware and that’s okay. Both are well-known brands. Something like BestInternetThermostats.com isn’t going to be a very strong brand. A company that does nothing more than provide Samsung Galaxy devices could the TheGalaxyMan.com and make it through. Relevance and personality are the key factors. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

The Rank

When it is time to rank a website it is important to have content. You must publish enough content from the start to ensure that your website is a strong one. It is also essential to continue publishing content on a regular basis even if the schedule isn’t that frequent that’s why you’ll have some new content every now and then. This ensures that your website is relevant, especially in the case of newsworthy content or relevant to the current trends or events within your field. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

The most important thing in any niche to remember is your content must provide value. Don’t simply write an “top five iPhones” article that includes an inventory of the latest iPhones. Write detailed reviews digging into specs.

Create tutorials on how you can repair the components of the device, as well as the best way to update or fix issues. Create guides to what devices are the best, and which ones fail, and ensure that your experiences sound authentic and reasonable. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

If you must pay freelance writers to write your content you should do this. It is recommended to aim for 1500-2000 words posts per month and enough to keep your site running for a long time. There is a constant discussion about niche websites as being non-active, which is true in that you do not have to worry about customer service, fulfillment and product development or sales.

However it is necessary to conduct regular maintenance to ensure that your website is up and ranked. If algorithm changes or new competitors are introduced and lower your ranking which can hurt sales. You must stay up to date to ensure you can respond promptly. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

The keyword research you do will to determine what kind of posts you can create. Every article should be relevant to the niche you’re in relevant for your target audience, and with the intention of persuading people to buy something by extolling the benefits of the product. Lastly, it should be believable. There is no one who would like to see a 5-star advertising shilling for a product that has two rating on Amazon. This article is a detailed guide on how to conduct research and develop content. It’s a good beginning point. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche


The growth of your website can take different ways. In the majority of cases what you need to be doing is to publish more content with more diverse extensions of your particular niche. A person who begins with a simple website about thermostats that are internet-connected can grow to internet-connected light bulbs, wearable technology like fitness trackers, watches and all kinds of other gadgets. The trick is to gradually increase your influence but maintain your main position so that it is impossible to beat. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

Publishing this amount of content is a lengthy process and can quickly go beyond the limits of the typical passive income stream from niches. It’s worth it but expanding niche sites that has a dominant ranking can be an extremely reliable source of revenue, and the bigger and more extensive your website is and the more resilient it will be to any attempt to rank higher than it, and to changes to search which could harm it. – Grow Rank Amazon Niche

Another aspect of your development is your site’s SEO. There’s plenty that goes into this, however, it’s really simple. Optimize the use of keywords in articles, meta data, and even in titles. Format articles properly.

Make use of Schema markup when you’re publishing the type of content. The most important thing is video and images. you need a large amount of them, and you’ll need to make them easily accessible to Google through captions, alt texts, and transcripts. Media content should satisfy Fred and SEO should satisfy Google all around.

Link creating is a challenge for an individual site due to the fact that niche sites are designed for affiliate sales and many link building strategies won’t apply to sites like this. But, you can create and share informational graphics, creating comments and forum links and guest posting on relevant websites as well as other methods can assist. It’s a challenge to find these links since users prefer linking to niche websites more, but you will be able to make your work be greater than the value of those links. Every link is helpful to build on the previous ones.

You could try the social media marketing or a newsletter however, they are much more difficult to automate and difficult to make appear natural in the event that you do. They’re more work, but with no value and how much trust will you inspire among your audience if the primary product you offer is Amazon hyperlinks? However, if you’re able to provide quality content, you could create people to be loyal to your brand even if it’s a lesser number of people than other brands draw in. The best loyalty you can earn is no even.


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