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Home and Away A shock departure from Lyrik after only two weeks

Recently, Channel 5’s Home and Away welcomed a number of new characters, but one of them will make an unexpected exit next week.

Mac wants Lyrik back after their performance at Salt’s band night, but Felicity is well aware that they have bigger goals in mind than just playing small gigs.

Bob is the one who puts up the biggest fight when Felicity brings up the idea of them playing more shows at Salt. He is adamant that he has no interest in playing pub shows in towns that he obviously looks down his nose at.

However, it is clear that there are issues within the group and that the others do not share Bob’s perspective, which only serves to highlight the widening gap between them.

Kirby is undecided about who to support given her relationship with Bob, while Remi and Eden are eager to play more shows, no matter how small, to help them maintain a healthy financial situation.

By speaking with Felicity and convincing her to make the band a better offer—one that even Bob would find difficult to refuse—Eden takes matters into her own hands.

Bob once again proves to be a roadblock, and things quickly get out of hand to the point where he tries to convince Kirby to form another band with just the two of them. While the rest of Lyrik are thrilled about the new offer, Bob proves to be a roadblock.

Kirby is reluctant to leave the other people behind, and she and Bob soon find themselves in the middle of a heated argument that causes Bob to leave the group, throw all of their equipment out of his van, and drive off without any plans of turning around.

Now that their lead singer has left, Lyrik are faced with a new reality. Will they be able to find someone else to replace Lyrik, or is he already gone?


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