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Home and Away reveals shock death storyline in 39 spoiler pictures

The complete set of images showcasing what will air on UK televisions in the week beginning March 6 are available here.

Monday, March 6: Tane worries that Felicity has abandoned him because she was late for their wedding.

On March 6th, Tane looks at the time.
In front of his family and friends, he feels ashamed.

March 6th, Tane begins to lose hope.
Felicity was having trouble with uncertainties in the days leading up to the ceremony, so it doesn’t seem good that she didn’t go.

March 6th, Monday: Money is also anxious
He is aware of Felicity’s struggles with her icy feet.

Monday, March 6: Due to motorcycle gang sabotage, Eden, who was driving Felicity’s wedding automobile, was unable to brake before it smashed into a gas station.

March 6: Felicity is confined inside the car.
Additionally, things are set to worsen.

March 6th, Monday: Flames begin to spread.
Felicity finds the situation to be alarming.

March 6th, Monday: Felicity worries about dying.
Will she be saved in time by anyone?

March 6th, Monday: Cash receives a worrisome call.
He learns of the collision.

Tane arrives at the site on March 7th.
Gary and Cash informed him of the collision.

Tuesday, March 7: Tane has been instructed to keep her distance.
Yet he is determined to resolve the situation on his own.

On March 7th, Tane saves Felicity.
He succeeds in getting her out of the automobile.

Tane brings Felicity to safety on March 7th.
Will both of them be ok?

Tuesday, March 7: Gary and Rose observe.
They want want something good to happen.

Tuesday, March 7: Felicity is given medical attention there.
She is concerned for Tane.

Tuesday, March 7: Felicity is taken to the hospital in a hurry.
The day of her wedding has ended in catastrophe.

Tane also receives treatment on March 7th.
He worries about Felicity more, though.

Tuesday, March 7: Tane recognises his good fortune.
The result might have been quite different.

Wednesday, March 8: Bree’s location is made known
Evil Jacob kidnaps Bree and has her spend the night with him in a remote area.

Wednesday, March 8: Bree makes an effort to appear as though she is at ease.
She is pondering how and when she will be able to flee, though, deep down.

Thursday, March 9: Bree wishes to leave.
She searches for the ideal time.

On March 9th, Jacob discovers something.
He has a letter that Bree wrote to Remi in love.

Thursday, March 9: Bree is afraid that Jacob may become irate once more.

On March 9th, Jacob loses his cool.
Bree, though, valiantly defends herself.

On March 9th, Jacob violently treats Bree once more.
Bree receives a hit to the head.

Bree regains consciousness on March 9th.
What might happen next worries her.

On March 9th, Jacob excavates a grave.
To murder his wife, the terrible villain is hatching a plan.

Thursday, March 9: Bree has regained consciousness, but Jacob is unaware of it.
His motivations are clear.

the ninth of March: Bree gets ready to protect herself.
She is aware that she must defeat Jacob.

On March 9th, Bree shovels a shovel at Jacob.
She can only ensure her safety this way.

Thursday, March 9: Bree requests assistance.
The circumstance has traumatised her.

the ninth of March: Bree hopes Jacob can get medical attention.
It might already be too late.

Thursday, March 9: Xander shows up.
He’s working as a paramedic.

On March 9th, Rose also appears.
There has been a police call.

Thursday, March 9: Bree is attempting her hardest to get better. Jacob Xander is astounded by how serious the circumstance is.

On March 9th, Xander assumes control.
He observes Jacob.

the ninth of March: Jacob’s situation is not favourable as Xander gets ready to share some news.

On March 9th, Xander declares that Jacob has passed away.
Nothing could be done to help him.

On March 9th, Rose yanks Bree away.
Bree will remember this horrific incident for a very long time.


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