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Home and Away: Sophie Dillman feared she’d be fired over endometriosis bloating

Sophie Dillman, a star of the Channel Seven program Home and Away, has acknowledged that she was concerned about losing her job because she has endometriosis.

The 29-year-old actress who portrays Ziggy Astoni was concerned that having a swollen stomach, a typical endometriosis symptom, would have negative effects.

Sophie told Yahoo Lifestyle: “When it first started happening, I was freaking out.” Sophie said her condition frequently causes her to appear bloated or bigger than usual on camera.

I struggled to fit that beauty ideal at the best of times, let alone when I’m swollen, and I was terrified that I was going to lose my job because of it, she continued.

Sophie, however, claimed that the cast and crew had always “put health first” and been nothing but supportive and understanding.

“They’re amazing. Anytime I feel uneasy, I’m allowed to wear a towel, she said. Or they’ll alter how the scene is set up so I’m not required to wear a bikini.

The tissue that lines the uterus also grows outside the uterus, a condition known as endometriosis.

Sophie was given her endometriosis diagnosis 10 years ago, though the chronic condition may have existed for even longer.

She finally received a diagnosis after years of crippling period pain that frequently caused her to feel ill or even faint.

Sophie pushed for “menstrual leave” at work in June.

The Daily Telegraph reported that she said, “We didn’t ask for periods, let alone period pain.”

Women are taught to “grin and bear it,” Sophie continued, but if men had periods, things might be different.

Patrick O’Connor, Sophie’s boyfriend from her Home and Away co-star, is single.

Prior to landing their roles on the drama series and developing a romantic relationship, the couple first met while attending college.


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