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Home and Away Spoilers – Dean arrested as Ziggy’s hospitalised

As Ziggy suffers yet another mishap this week on Home and Away in Australia, there is a surprising development when Dean is detained on suspicion of domestic violence!

The pregnancy of Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) hasn’t been easy so far. She was brought to A&E after experiencing stomach cramps because she experienced crippling morning sickness at all hours of the day and had a scare when she swallowed some chemical fumes at the garage.

Thankfully, that visit turned out to be a false alarm, but this week, when Ziggy is rushed to the hospital once more after sliding down the stairs of the surf club, the same can’t be said.

The two realised they weren’t in agreement about the baby’s last name toward the end of the previous week. Ziggy wants the kid to be an Astoni, while Dean (Patrick O’Connor) wants to call it Thompson.

Additionally, there is the issue of the infant’s first name. Dean’s first option just so happened to be the name of one of his ex-girlfriends, but when Ziggy recommended adding “Brody” to their list, he quickly realised his error in judgement.

The two are leaving Salt as the discussion continues this week when Ziggy pauses on the steps to propose the name “Gwenneth.” She stumbles and falls as she turns to take the last few steps, landing forcefully on the surf club floor.

As soon as the paramedics arrive, Bree meets Ziggy as he is taken back to the hospital (Juliet Godwin).

Dean can’t help but feel irritated with Ziggy as Bree starts her investigation. After assisting Theo (Matt Evans) with his homework, she worked all night. Despite Dean’s advise, she refused to take a nap since she wanted to get through the rest of the day.

Dean forcefully reminds Ziggy that she needs to start being more cautious because it’s the second time she’s fallen.

Bree, whose own experiences with her violent husband Jacob (Alex Williams) start clouding her judgement, however, is put on high alert after hearing Dean’s remarks with an embarrassed Ziggy. This is especially true once Bree notices bruises on Ziggy’s body.

Bree is triggered by Dean’s tone, which sets off warning bells, according to Juliet. “Bree verifies in her thoughts that Ziggy is being abused when she sees the bruise on Ziggy’s thigh.”

Bree has made excuses for her own injuries far too frequently, Juliet continues. She “won’t stand by and do nothing while someone else suffers,”

Bree arranges for Ziggy to be kept in for the night before reporting Dean to the authorities out of concern for her safety.

When Cash shows up to interrogate her regarding a domestic violence claim, Ziggy is both astonished and perplexed! Bree asks to be treated by a different doctor as Ziggy yells at her while Dean is taken off to the station and prevented from seeing his pregnant girlfriend.

Remi (Adam Rowland) makes the observation that Bree is letting her own predicament prevent her from being objective about Dean and Ziggy, which causes Bree to have second thoughts.

She then hears Dean urge Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to watch over Ziggy, and she recognises the sincere love and concern that is shown. She is devastated by the grave blunder she has committed.


Bree realises that her efforts to preserve Ziggy are really an appeal for assistance from her, says Juliet. She recognises that Dean is not like Jacob when the curtain is pulled back.

Bree appears to have decided that enough is enough after the incident, as she finally makes the important decision to report Jacob to the police.

Will she have the strength to follow through?


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