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Home and Away spoilers: Justin gets involved in a cheating scandal

The most recent victim of John’s (Shane Withington) antics is Justin (James Stewart), who allowed himself to get inflamed by jokes about the approaching golf competition. After the two engaged in a standoff in the Surf Club and placed a $1000 wager on a victory, the stakes had increased significantly beyond what either of them had anticipated.

Justin is anxious because the event is still one person short and is just days away. When Dean (Patrick O’Connor) finds out a car is one of the prizes, Justin instantly hires him because he needs one more team member. He inquires as to Dean’s experience, to which the reply is a categorical negative.

John finds it amusing that Justin had the bad luck to take on a golf novice so close to the big day. He has no chance of winning now. Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) are amused by how much money is being spent on a charity game as they watch the action between the males. When Justin gets a chance to observe Rose’s professional golf abilities, his anxiety increases.

Everyone is eager to start the big day off, but as John and his team get in their golf buggy, they discover that it won’t start. Justin chuckles and thinks his squad will win despite John’s shaky start. Furthermore, Dean proves to be a natural, performing like a pro despite having never done it before.

John starts to believe that something is wrong as the game goes on. The fact that Justin, a mechanic, wanted John to lose is not a coincidence. His golf buggy is currently out of commission. And as Roo (Georgie Parker) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) review surveillance footage, they make a startling revelation…


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