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Home and Away star Jacqui Purvis shares emotional moment from filming car crash story

“To have someone say that to you is simply such a huge honour.”

Star of the soap opera Home and Away Jacqui Purvis recently shared an emotional scene from the massive car catastrophe that was filmed.

On the day of Felicity and Tane’s wedding, there was a massive pile-up on Tuesday’s episode (January 10) in Australia, and Eden’s life was in danger after a major accident.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Purvis, who plays Felicity, discussed shooting the tough sequences and revealed that she experienced an emotional moment with the real paramedics who took part in the shoot.

“With one of the paramedics, I experienced the most amazing moment. He approached me and expressed how moved he was by the event, she recalled.

He genuinely broke down in tears because he had gone through an almost identical scenario before. To have someone say that to you is just such a huge honour. It was incredibly special, and a lot of different emotions were present.

The actress, who started working on the soap in 2021, went on to talk about her time on set, saying that it was both “frightening” and a “blessing” for any actor to be able to portray the scenes.

Being able to film such insane situations is truly a blessing for an actress, she said. “It’s a time that you never generally experience in everyday life.”

“They would have enormous flames coming up, and I would be in the car, with flames all around. It was so intense that even though I was in the car, I could still feel the heat. Since it was so ominous and bizarre, I didn’t feel the need to pretend.

Justin was later held responsible for the collision between Leah and Eden, which occurred as a result of Tex Wheeler’s associate tampering with the brakes.

Will the cops find out about the biker gang’s scheme, or will Justin get away with it again?


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