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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman shares plans for 2023 amid exit rumours

Despite rumours that she would be departing the serial opera, Sophie Dillman, a star of Home and Away, has spoken up about her plans for this year.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Dillman, who portrays Ziggy Astoni on the show, discussed her New Year’s resolutions. She emphasised the importance of putting oneself first for a bit.

“My goal for the coming year is to experience joy. I think my focus for the coming year should be on finding happiness, engaging in my favourite activities, and taking care of myself “said Dillman.

I want to take some time to focus on me after working so hard for so many years, she said.

The actress acknowledged that it could sound “a little self-centered,” but she needs some time to regroup after working throughout the pandemic.

She made it clear that she would carry on working in some capacity in 2023, but she didn’t go into further detail.

Rumors that Dillman was departing Home and Away haven’t been publicly addressed as of yet. The soap opera is now following the pregnancy plot involving Dillman’s character Ziggy and her partner Dean Thompson.

Given that her real-life partner, Patrick O’Connor, portrays Dean on the programme, Dillman has claimed that the plot has been helpful preparation in case she and O’Connor want to have children in the future.

The celebrity said, “You know, Ziggy got everything; she had mood swings, pain, Braxton Hicks contractions, and all that sort of stuff.

Going through all of that, particularly with your real-life partner, actually sparks a lot of dialogue that, in my opinion, few people would have unless they were visibly walking around with a fake baby tummy.

Dillman continued “Although it’s not what we want to do right now, we will undoubtedly look into it in the future. Consequently, having fun with all the suppositions.”


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