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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ another Dingle family death after heartbreaking Faith exit

Following Faith Dingle’s terrifying exit from Emmerdale on Thursday night, fans are confident that another Dingle favorite will experience a sinister ending.

After Faith Dingle (played by Sally Dexter) tragically passed away during Thursday night’s hour-long episode of Emmerdale, viewers were overcome with emotion. Recently, Faith, a village favorite, has been fighting cancer, and viewers have watched as her condition slowly got worse. But Faith’s time on the ITV soap opera has officially ended.

Viewers observed Faith saying her final goodbyes to her family members throughout the two-part episode.

The beloved Dingle character persuaded her daughter Chas (Lucy Pargeter) to take a spa day, but not before unintentionally bidding her daughter farewell.

Faith gave Chas a tearful hug and said, “You’re never too old for a hug.

Moira (Natalie J. Robb), who she later spoke with, broke down in tears when she was asked whether Faith had any plans to commit suicide.

Following her conversation with Zak Dingle, Moira had a sneaking suspicion that Faith had had enough (Steve Halliwell).

Additionally, Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen), who had traveled especially from Portugal, and Eric Pollard paid a visit to Faith (Chris Chittell).

Faith said, “I’ll save my kisses for you, Eric, my one true love. Eric, farewell.

Cain was sent on a road trip to the coast to fetch Faith a stick of rock as another attempt by Faith to get Cain out of the way.

The mechanic sobbed as he hugged his mother during the poignant moment between mother and son.

Faith (Jurell Carter) requested assistance from Nate (Cain’s replacement) to get to bed after Cain had left.

Do you not go to work, Paddy? After the vet unexpectedly arrived home, Faith questioned.

Paddy responded as Faith questioned the vet about whether or not he will always take care of Chas, “It’s okay, I’ll eat in the bar.”

Later, Moira decides to call Cain to travel to The Woolpack because she has a bad feeling about Faith.

Once they arrive, they discover Faith in bed with tablet packets all around her.

Faith sighs as Cain begs, “Mum, go! go!”

“You took how many? Why are you such a moron?” Before yelling for Moira to dial 911, Cain sobbed.

Faith begged the doctors, “No doctors, let me go!”

Cain hugged his mother as the episode came to a close, and viewers sobbed when he finally said, “I love you, mum!”

Fans have developed their own theories about who will pass away next, though, in the wake of the heartbreaking exit.

More deaths are forthcoming, according to bosses, and Zak Dingle, Chas, or Al are among the likely candidates, according to fans.

“The signs are all there, and I’m certain that Zak will pass away after Faith. His conversation with her was particularly moving “user @Thedragon18137 made a forecast.

“NOOOOOOO too many good characters,” Andie retorted.

“I think Zak will be next,” Dave tweeted.

“I so hope Chas & Wooden Al get what they deserve in this coming storm,” Mags tweeted. (sic)

Jonny continued: “Yes, after this, Chas is finished. I just want her gone; I don’t want a redemption plot.”

“Al might pass away during the week of the anniversary, I have no idea why. He told Chas yesterday that they would be together for “the rest of our lives,” which may be a hint that time will pass quickly. Additionally, she had just confessed her love for him. What if he passed away and no one knew? “Asserted Charlotte.


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