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Home and Away’s Felicity faces a backlash over Cash and Eden

Next week on UK television, Felicity Newman of Home and Away faces criticism for her efforts at matchmaking.

Felicity is adamant about getting her brother Cash and best friend Eden Fowler back together, but she’s about to find out that neither value her efforts.

In upcoming Channel 5 scenes, Felicity keeps a tight eye on Cash and Eden because she thinks she can see their bond developing.

Felicity causes havoc by abruptly altering all the plans on the day that she is meant to be celebrating at her hen party.

Felicity and her pals have been invited on a karaoke party bus by Eden, but all Felicity is interested in is what is going on between Eden and Cash.

First, Felicity makes an effort—but is unsuccessful—to get Cash to attend the hen party.

Plan B calls for Felicity to tell Nikau Parata a lie in order to learn the location of Tane’s stag party.

Felicity forces Eden to change their plans so they may go to a nightclub once she has the information she needs.

Eden is horrified when they discover that Tane had picked the same club for his stag party, which means that she would have to spend the entire evening with Cash.

Eden drinks a lot at the party and concentrates on having fun on the dance floor as she desperately tries to get out of this uncomfortable position.

Eden confronts Felicity about interfering as well, making it abundantly apparent that she is not pleased to be in this situation.

Cash confronts Eden, accusing her of staging the party “coincidence” on purpose, which only makes the situation worse.

Eden responds by instructing Cash to stop being so emotional and making it clear that Felicity is the one who set the whole thing up.

Cash takes Eden home when she overindulges in alcohol out of worry for her.

As she observes, Felicity is content with her efforts and believes that she is reunifying them.

However, Cash confronts Felicity angrily the following morning for putting him and Eden in such a tough predicament.

Cash cautions Felicity that just because she is getting married, it does not give her permission to hurt the people she loves. Will Felicity understand when to back off?


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