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Home and Away’s Nikau Parata makes a heartbreaking decision over Bella Nixon

Fans of Home and Away in the UK will soon see another blow to Nikau Parata and Bella Nixon’s relationship.

In upcoming scenes, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who broke up with Bella (Courtney Miller) to protect her, develops a lovesickness for her.

Bella had previously moved away from Summer Bay to accept a job for a few months in New York. Soon after, Nikau called her to break things off in an effort to protect her from the biker gang drama he had been involved in.

Nikau, who is adamant about making amends, tells Theo (Matt Evans) that he’s going to surprise Bella in New York and see if they can mend fences there.

While looking for a ride to the airport, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) stops him, but he won’t let Nikau leave without an explanation. Since Bella hasn’t returned his calls since their breakup, the lifeguard claims he is worried about her and needs to speak with her.

Although Dean is aware that Nikau ended their relationship for Bella’s safety, he won’t call her on his behalf because he doesn’t want to reopen a wound for her.

He then displays Nikau Bella’s social media updates, in which she appears content with her new life in New York. This causes him to abandon his plan and act in her best interests.

Will Nikau ever have the opportunity to defend himself?


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