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Home and Away’s Nikau Parata receives upsetting news after biker incident

Nikau Parata from Home and Away will be shown devastated on UK television next week as he contemplates losing his lifeguarding position.

Following his involvement in the most recent biker gang arrest, Nikau’s status as Summer Bay’s paid lifesaver is in jeopardy.

Following the police’s strategy to dismantle the dangerous gang, Tex Wheeler and all of his criminal associates will appear in court in upcoming episodes on Channel 5.

Prior to their trial, Tex and the other defendants are placed on remand; soon after, the case makes national headlines.

Because of his job as a lifeguard, Nikau is mentioned frequently in the press report, and his uncle Tane is also mentioned because he manages the neighborhood gym.

Rose Delaney cautions the Paratas not to risk blowing their cover until the trial is over, despite the fact that the only reason they were involved was because Tane was working with the police undercover.

In spite of the fact that they both know deep down they have done nothing wrong, Nikau and Tane are forced to remain silent while being criticized in public for their associations with criminals.

Nikau is promptly informed by John Palmer that the surf club committee is considering Nikau’s status as a lifeguard.

John is urged by Nikau to believe him because nothing is what it seems to be, but he can do little without knowing all the specifics.

Soon after, John informs Nikau that his lifeguard position has been eliminated by the surf club committee.

Nikau complains to Tane about it, pointing out that it is not his fault that he is losing his dream job.

Tane takes matters into his own hands by claiming to John that Nikau was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and that he was the one who got caught up with the bikies.

Tane is adamant that it’s the right thing to do, and John points out that if he takes the fall, he might lose the lease on the gym.

When the committee throws Nikau a lifeline, things get better for him, but will Tane suffer as a result?


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