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Home & Away Tex star’s life – Nickelodeon fame to secret second job

Lucas Linehan, the newest cast member of Home and Away, earned his living in a very different industry before joining Soapland, but as the mysterious stranger Tex, he now has a lot of secrets to keep hidden.

Since his character showed up on the scene in response to a job posting at the Diner, Home and Away actor Lucas Linehan has left fans wondering about his character’s motivation.
Though unimpressed with his work ethic, a desperate Marilyn refused to let him even take a break to eat breakfast with her micromanaging.

Next week, according to spoilers, Tex finds himself stranded on the beach with Nikau and John while Marilyn goes on the hunt for answers about why he missed work.
Knowing that he was frantically attempting to save an injured anything change for the swimmer from the water? Or will Tex be fired before the meeting even begins?

However, there is always something to conceal in Soapland. Fan theories are already flying, whether or not Tex has a secret identity. What about Lucas’ personal life outside of the spotlight?

Lucas wasn’t always a performer. He was raised in a small town close to Melbourne and graduated from high school with a certificate in carpentry.

Before realizing that his true passions lay in the performing arts, he started working in construction. He then went to the National Institute of Dramatic Art to pursue a career in front of the camera.

Lucas said when asked how he first got into acting: “I didn’t do it through school. However, in my case, there was a local production of The Breakfast Club running.

“I learned about it from a family friend who was involved with it, and I immediately thought, “Oh, I’ll try it. After doing it, I received the part a few days later, and I continued from there. I was 19.”

But he has undoubtedly made an impression thus far, making appearances in a variety of shows, including the Nickelodeon series Rock Island Mysteries and the hit Amazon Prime series The Wilds, where he played Uncle Charlie for an episode as a CPB officer.

Additionally, Lucas discovered himself in the position of executive, so it’s not just acting.actor and Monster Pies producer; he played William in the movie.

In order to get the go-ahead for the low budget film, he also contributed a sizeable sum of his own money to various LGBTQ+ film festivals.

Director Lee Galea acknowledged that his $30,000 AUD (£17,000) budget was essential because “I wouldn’t have achieved the quality I have.”

We were able to pay for a really good film composer, sound designer, color grade it, and add some really nice effects, he continued to the Sydney Morning Herald. Compared to my previous movie, it was like Lord of the Rings was being filmed.


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