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How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Team

How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team
How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

In today’s world content marketing is an essential part of every company. From driving traffic to websites of companies and generating higher quality leads, to enhancing the reputation of a brand and boosting brand recognition, content marketing is doing all of it and more. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

With an increasing use of images as well as personalization and synergy within campaigns, content marketing is changing the way customers and prospects experience and consume content and how they perceive companies.

Nowadays, there is no longer an issue of finding your intended audience. They are everywhere in every channel from social media to syndication sites. The most difficult part is finding clever, imaginative and committed Content marketing professionals that can ensure that a company’s marketing strategy a hit. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

Marketing functions, especially in the early stages of startups, requires the same respect for the roles and responsibilities that are normally provided for legal, sales accounting, and operations.

Finding the ideal set of marketing professionals in this current environment can be challenging. This article will provide six ways to create an outstanding content marketing team: – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

1. Define Your Marketing Strategy

Before you hire anyone it is important to have a plan to follow. This will allow you to decide which type of support you require. If your objective is to increase the brand’s visibility through blogs over 6 months time, hiring a few writers and a search optimization (SEO) specialist will be helpful. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

A marketing strategy is the way you will sell goods and/or services. Its aim is to create an effective and sustainable business that can connect with potential customers and your existing customers. It isn’t important who you choose to hire and you’ll never be able to achieve your goals without a plan. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

2. Create Your Team Correctly

To allow your team of content marketers to run smoothly it is crucial to establish clear roles for each member as well as effective managing tasks and a formal structure. Without this, the responsibilities of each person will be diluted and chaos could result. To prevent this from happening, create a list of roles in the marketing you’d prefer to fill in on the team. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

A typical function in the field of content marketing includes social media professionals, writers graphic designers, pay-per click (PPC) specialists , and an executive in charge of marketing who is who is responsible to ensure that the team is aligned with the goals of the business. These are the nine types of profiles you need to hire typically:

a. Chief Content Officer

It’s not a C-suite job the person in charge is the entire marketing effort for content for the company. They are accountable for establishing an overall strategy for editorial, which includes blogging, PR, emails SEO, social media and more to ensure the company’s messages constant and relevant to the intended public. In addition, the person is responsible for ensuring that the outcomes of marketing efforts are geared towards business goals such as cost reduction, attracting clients who are loyal, making sales and so on.

b. Content Marketing Specialist

The process of writing content can be monotonous. If you are spending your time generating ideas, creating articles, and advertising them you can easily get distracted from the primary purpose. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

It’s essential that you have an individual who monitors the strategy and can determine the extent to which it’s performing which is precisely what a content marketing expert performs. This person oversees the writers, is attentive to the smallest details and makes sure that objectives of marketing are fulfilled.

c. Content Writers

A team of content marketers without writers is impossible! This person is in charge of writing blog posts, web copy guest posts, and anything else that falls under the category of content. Find writers with journalism backgrounds who have the capacity to study issues from a variety of perspectives. They also conduct extensive research and can pull up quotes and sources efficiently. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

d. Graphic Designers

Visuals can entice and keep your clients. Content marketing that is effective doesn’t depend on words. They should be complemented by powerful imagery, whether it’s a video, infographic or GIF. Our designers can assist you in selecting the right images to use in your content and make sure they match the brand image of the company.

e. Social Media Expert

The job of this person is to create the social channels of your business around the industry you operate in, and that includes the promotion of your content as well as engaging your audience via groups participation. Social media experts monitor and analyze the results of metrics like the number of clicks, reach as well as response times and conversions and collaborate with content writers as well as graphic designers to design an integrated social strategy. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

f. SEO Specialist

SEO will create a website that is as user-friendly as is possible, to ensure it is ranked highly in the search results. A SEO expert can optimize your site with the appropriate keywords, and make sure you drive massive organic traffic, increasing your leads from inbound. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

g. Developers

They’re an essential component of the team because they’re responsible for the look and feel mobile responsiveness as well as the user’s experience (UX) navigation and many more. If your site looks outdated and doesn’t communicate the full value of each page the bounce rate will increase. The presence of developers will help you design attractive websites that draw users to stay for longer.

h. Ads Specialist

If you’re seeking quick results to boost your marketing strategies Ads specialists will make a fantastic partner to your team. They can collaborate with SEO specialists, content writers along with graphic design experts to develop quality landing pages as well as ads that can be used to direct your visitors to these pages that are optimized for keywords.

i. Project manager

The person in charge is the project manager that improves processes for content creation, applies specific strategies to run the business efficiently, and ensures compliance and quality with the marketing activities. This is a crucial role when the team is at an advanced stage and if it is an integral role is recommended.

3. Create an Style Guide

There is nothing worse than having a company that has an inconsistent tone of voice that differs from one platform to the next. With so many employees who are an integral part of the team of content marketers it is vital that you have an established style manual which includes a list of words as well as a communication style and written tone of voice making it possible for each content writer as well as SEO and advertising experts and designers to present the brand with authenticity and consistency. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

4. Verify that proper documentation is in place

If you have a well-thought out employee onboarding procedure implemented It is crucial to keep a record of how your marketing department functions. It could be a comprehensive social media marketing strategy or an outline of the design process for your website. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

In this way, when the new employees are hired they are already provided with in-depth explanations of the way things workand, therefore they can are able to learn quickly.

5. Use the appropriate tools

Your content marketing team can’t work without the right tools. Imagine creating and running an effective Black Friday email marketing campaign without email software or the project management software. Here are some tools you can employ regularly: – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

  • Content: Grammarly, BuzzSumo
  • Social media: Buffer, AgoraPulse, Planoly
  • Email marketing: Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor
  • SEO SEOrush. Ahrefs
  • Management of projects: Trello, Asana
  • customer relationship management (CRM): CoSchedule, HubSpot

There is no need to buy all the tools your marketing team needs all at once. Be patient and steady. Also, schedule training for those who require assistance in the proper use of a device. The purchase of such tools is always an excellent value. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

6. Begin to Make Friends with the Sales Team

Marketing and sales are inextricably linked. Sales reps are in contact with prospective customers and have better understanding of what people want The sales team can assist the content marketing team to ensure the content strategy, message and target audience are in line with the company’s value proposition and goal.

In order to achieve the results you want Your team must avoid developing a bubble mindset and focus solely on blogging, websites as well as social media. They must make connections with other departments – and most important sales and marketing – and collaborate effectively to get actionable information to improve the overall strategy of marketing. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

The Wrap

In the year 2019, the phrase “content marketing plan” was among the most searched Google term on the internet. It is less expensive than conventional advertising and is more easy to track as compared to public relations (PR) efforts , and also reaches an audience that is targeted in real-time. To create a successful team of content marketers it is essential to be systematic and not make hires randomly. Be organized move through phases and let new employees grow into their roles as your business grows and develops to produce the best content that is appropriate for your audience. – How To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team


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